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The article I wish I read before starting a blog

Before starting a blog, read this. Read this because I'm telling you something that no other successful blogger will ever admit.
May 26, 2019·6 min read

12 of the most influential money bloggers in 2020, and what we can learn from them

Influential money bloggers pour the heart and soul into their blogs. They run trusted and respected blogs and are natural born leaders. Here are the top 12 money and personal finance blogs for 2020.
May 22, 2019·8 min read

How to expertly pitch a guest post (and get it every time!)

I get a LOT of requests from other bloggers who want to submit guest posts on TSR , I was literally blo
Feb 22, 2019·8 min read

How to break through the relentless personal finance echo chamber

Whenever someone emails me asking for an opportunity to guest post , I'm not all that interested in their writing credentials. I don't care where they've been published before. It doesn't matter to me what school they went to or how many medals or accolades they have. Frankly, all that stuff is bullshit. Instead, I ask them a very simple question: > "Can you write about something exceptionally unique, or cleverly controversial,
Feb 14, 2019·6 min read

I am that early retiree who travels the country

A couple weeks ago, I asked on Twitter about what it's like to write a book. How much time does it take? Does it completely take over your life? Does it actually pay off? I wanted some folks to drop some knowledge on me. Not many people know that I was offered a book deal a couple of years ago. I declined it at the time because I held a full-time job and had no interest in committing to something like that. I didn't really know how much time it would take to write a book, but I assumed it was a
May 11, 2018·3 min read

How to deal with writer's block and NOT publish crap

Over the past several days, writer's block has plagued my existence. I am motivated to write, but I can't find a topic that excites me to save my life. How can we break out of this writing rut?
Apr 18, 2018·7 min read

How long does it take for your page to rank in Google, and how to maximize your chances?

To rank in Google, it's a process that generally takes quite a bit of time, persistence and patience. According to studies, newer content probably won't rank on Google's first page for at least six months.
Apr 13, 2018·2 min read

48 fresh strategies to increase your blog traffic in 2018

Use these 48 blogging strategies to boost your blog traffic fast and free. Receive an in-depth analysis of search engine optimization techniques that work for 2018.
Mar 16, 2018·15 min read

Here's one of the most powerful videos I've ever seen on mindless consumerism

This week, my wife Courtney sent me a link to a video and asked for my thoughts. Little did I know, I was about to watch one of the most powerful videos I think that I've ever seen on the subject of financial independence and mindless consumerism. Do yourself a favor and stop whatever it is that you're doing and give this video your undivided attention (and for the record: I don't know this guy. Never met him -- it's just a bad-ass video, one of the best I've seen). It starts out with a quote
Mar 1, 2018·1 min read

Here's why I like the new Wordpress Gutenberg editor - kinda

Wordpress 5.0 will officially contain the new Gutenberg editor, which completely changes the way that bloggers write content with Wordpress. Here's what I like about it, and why it's still too buggy to use.
Feb 23, 2018·6 min read

It's true, I don't want to be a writer

It's almost 8pm on Wednesday evening, and I've decided about 5 minutes ago to write this post for tomorrow. A Thursday post, which I almost never do. But this week, I'm going to. Why? Why the hell not? I want to, and that's the bottom line. I've come to a realization lately. I don't want to be a paid writer, and this flies in the face of what I assumed would come true before I called it quits from full-time work . In fact, I don't even want it a
Jan 4, 2018·2 min read

That awkward time a co-worker discovered this blog

I will remember that moment for the rest of my life. I was worried, then instantly relieved, but throughout it all, I kept whispering those sweet words: "What are they gonna do? Fire me?" This is a story of how a co-worker discovered my personal finance blog. Here's how it all went down. First, this was a couple years ago when I worked a full-time job. I worked remotely at the time and didn't get to interact face-to-face with my co-workers all that much, which made what happened on this afterno
Dec 18, 2017·5 min read