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I get a LOT of requests from other bloggers who want to submit guest posts on TSR. Honestly, I reject most of them because their pitch is uninteresting and lacks much in the way of enthusiasm. But, when Paul Andrews from The Code To Riches approached me to write a guest post about questions to […]
It sounds awesome, at least in theory. To spend your days at home or a coffee shop writing about whatever the hell you feel like writing – a pro blogger. Escaping the office and entering the world of online content crafting is so damn appealing to many of us. And, for good reason! At one […]
Think Save Retire recently crested the 1,000,000 pageview mark since my lame first post that had something to do with Starbucks. In the time it took me to build up a respectable audience, I learned a thing or two about this whole “blogging business”. Blogging is about more than just typing a bunch of shit […]

Find that blogging voice of yours!

Published February 27, 2017   Posted in Blogging

In my recent rant about having children, I mentioned that I have “found my voice” on the blog. By that, I mean that I’m no longer concerned about whether people agree with what I have to say or not. That’s right – I just don’t care. One of my readers sent me a message on […]
You’re a dude or dudette, and you just stumbled onto a blog that talks about money. But, not just “money” – personal money. The person who runs the blog probably wants to retire early, or at least achieve financial independence, and he or she is writing about their progress. Boom, it’s that simple. It’s like […]
I’ll admit it – before I became a personal finance blogger, I never liked those “How I retired at [insert insanely young age here]” posts. They always came across to me as “Hey, look at me! I’m awesome!”, and I recited the approved excuse, “So everything went right for you…cool, but what about me?” I usually just […]

My #1 tip for blog writing on the web

Published July 13, 2016   Posted in Blogging

I am far from a perfect writer, but over the years I have learned a thing or two about writing for an online audience, and virtually every technique a good blog writer follows adheres to a very simple, yet profoundly meaningful, truth. Remember: We have the attention spans of goldfish. Actually, our attention spans are […]
As temperatures rise into the 110s here in the sweltering desert Southwest, I’m inside in the A/C reflecting on how wonderful this whole blogging adventure in the personal finance community has been. Seriously, you people rock. Every one of you. I’ve never been one to appreciate the art of meeting people, but blogging has fundamentally […]
Happy weekend everyone! I’m here to announce the opening of our newest blog called A Streamin’ Life where my wife will chronical our transition into tiny home living in our new-to-us 30′ Airstream Classic. This is a blog about living small. About cooking in a kitchen a tenth of the size of “normal” kitchens. About […]

Making sense of Google analytics for bloggers

Published March 23, 2016   Posted in Blogging

One of the awesome parts about blogging is building up a community from scratch, watching your website hits grow along with your influence and reputation. Unfortunately, analytics can be confusing to a lot of people – what numbers should you care the most about? Which numbers truly matter to me? Taking a break from talking […]