How living in a 52 square foot room improved this guy’s life

34 thoughts on “How living in a 52 square foot room improved this guy’s life”

  1. Oh wow, that’s the smallest and most organized room I have ever seen.

    It’s good to do what you need to do while still young and single? It’s now or never.

    And yes, I have been in a weird living situation but it wasn’t a small room situation. As a poor, broke new immigrant/student, I lived in a not so safe neighborhood (not by choice) surrounded by alcoholics, gang members, gamblers, phone sex operator, drug dealers/users,…

    And yes I got good stories out of it especially from the phone sex operator but let’s keep it PG 😀.

  2. Ha! I love it! I grew up in a 400 SF trailer with 6 people and a Boston Terrier. It was immaculate. Everything has a place and everything was in its place. As a kid, living small wasn’t trendy, and living in a trailer was social suicide – but I survived. And, I really miss those days. You’ll have a ton of “I remember when I was living…” stories. Enjoy the journey 🙂

  3. Haha- this is awesome! Such a creative use of a tiny space… props to GuyonFire for making it work!

    The closest thing I have done (and it was no where near this extreme!) was live in the smallest room (aka- cheapest room) in a house with 7 or 8 girls post-college. I honestly lost count of how many of us lived there and I spent little time at home due to my job, but it was quite the experience.

  4. You know I Iove you, man, but for night pees alone that arrangement would kill me!! 🙂 I think I would design some sort of bed pan to avoid the ladder of death. Does your girlfriend stay there or are you partial to her place for sleepovers? I can only imagine 2 would be a tight squeeze.

    1. The wide mouth gatoraide bottles are ideal for peeing into at night. Big opening for easy aim and enough volume for most people. Just make sure your friends know never to drink the gatoraide at your place. 😉

  5. I love it. The wife and I have visions of building a tiny house one day, so I definitely get the appeal of small spaces. I also think there’s really something to be said for the empowerment aspect of knowing that you can handle a little challenge like that with no sweat.

    Also, his grandmother’s reaction is the best.

  6. Amazing, and I thought downsizing from 3200 square feet to our current 700 square feet was tough….and that was with no possessions or furniture. Nicely done. You make me feel luxurious in my current space.

    Seriously though, have you brought up any intimate partners that way. I imagine it is either hilarious or they run screaming.

  7. Let’s talk about the time I moved from a spacious 1100 sq ft 2 bedroom apartment to a 450 sq ft studio and was completely unprepared…. oh wait, that’s now. Like you said, it’s lucrative. I went the opposite direction and built a loft for my queen bed. However I messed up and built it too close to the ceiling. I have 18 inches of space between me and the ceiling. Not a big problem unless I wake up and scrape my elbow on the ceiling while stretching OR get attacked by vicious lady bugs (happened last night). I feel like I can’t really complain though thanks to your smaller living arrangements. Keep up the great work!

  8. hmmm… seems like an exercise in futility at best. Not really “living” in 52 sq ft, not counting the hallway, the closet, changing area, the bathroom and clearly meals are being prepared somewhere else and food stored somewhere else, ladder storage area, etc. This more just a commentary on an excessively tiny bedroom if you don’t count closet usage. I get minimalism, I lived on my motorcycle with all my belongings at the time strapped to the back for three years – now that’s minimalism. This seems like trying to prove a point that doesn’t really exist….

    1. I get your point, Bear, but the intent with this article wasn’t to prove just how minimalist this guy is. It’s to put forth his interesting living situation. Most people would fix up the place and rent it out. He, on the other hand, decided to actually live in it – in a small room. There aren’t a ton of adults out there that do this, but it’s a super convenient way to maximize your living situation and, for that matter, have your mortgage paid for by your renters.

  9. I think this is awesome to show what CAN be done if you choose to do it. Most people wouldn’t choose this because it is so inconvenient. But it is meeting his goals for now – and it’s a great way to save money! It aligns with us living in a camper right now while our house is being renovated. We could have rented a nice condo for $6-7K, but we’re hoping to have spent only $1K or less when it’s all said and done. We have a lot better things to do with the extra money we saved for a little inconvenience! Great story!

  10. LOLing @ “Pottery Barn – Teen” for the bed. 🙂 But hey, it works right?

    I think I would have the longtime friend reaction: “that’s pretty intense dude (while I’m trying to fight back a shit eating grin and not laugh).” But again, if it works and it’s not too bad you’re saving a ton of money.

    I grew up in a tiny bedroom. At the time it seemed plenty spacious, but now when I go back and visit my parents house, it’s clear that I was living in what would today be called a small to medium walk in closet. probably 8×9 feet. Maybe 8×10 if you stretch it. I’d probably do something similar if I found myself single without kids if I needed to save money. Maybe when the kids are gone I can convince my wife to try studio or 1 BR apartment living. As it is now we adults just don’t use that much space in the house (1800 sf).

    1. Pottery barn teen – definitely working. Something tells me many can relate to your comments about your childhood room.

      Studio or 1BR for a couple sounds great. With kids?! Run for the hills

  11. Wow! Way to fit a desk and a bed in that tiny space! My childhood bedroom was 7 by 11 ft, and I thought that was small! I used to pick up free samples or race swag at every event I went to, but I’ve got a little bit of a taste for minimalism now, and don’t bring it home anymore. Once you start decluttering, it’s amazing to see how much of that free junk you accumulate over the years.

  12. Love! I so love this. I’ve always loved small spaces. Even when I was a kid I would use boxes to make walls in my bedroom to make it even smaller. I love it. If I was single, I would be ALL over this. Great post.

  13. When Mrs. C. and I moved out of our Apartment when our lease was up in orde rto not sign another yea rlong lease we rented a room from her mother. We had a basement room that was roughly 8′ X 8′. It had the smallest basement window at the top of the wall. Mrs C, myself, and her 3 year old son shared that room for 6 months. A section of the room didn’t have drywall, so we bought some 2X4s and built in some small shelves into the wall. We had access to the upstairs for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, but most of our time was spent in our room. I was working crazy hours and going to school full time so I wasn’t there a ton. It was certainly an interesting 6 months, which helped give extra motivation to finding a house.

  14. Oh Lord, I feel claustrophic just looking at the pics. Too much stuff, too much stuff. I think you need a murphy’s bed with a desk underneath that you can pull up or down when you need to work or sleep. Think about it, not too expensive if you buy the materials yourself at Home Depot and DIY it. Too much clothes! Your outside closet can be redesigned/organized for more. Sorry don’t mean to be a party pooper. The concept is great, but the execution chaotic.

  15. How much time do you spend there? I can’t help but think I’ll be overwhelmed and depressed if I spend half the time in that room. I would likely change the ladder into a swing rope so it’ll “save” more space.

  16. You should make a ladder out of rope. Remove the fan and replace it with something flat. Get a taller slimmer dresser. You can decrease the amount of clothes you have in order to have a truly minimalistic lifestyle. Nice work and good luck.

  17. Such an awesome setup. Not paying rent, but also not sacrificing space you could have rented so no opportunity cost. I imagine you wouldn’t have been able to rent that room out? This is like gains on top of gains. Sure, it ain’t pretty. So? You’re killing it. Nice job!

  18. I must admit that ceiling fan makes me nervous!

    My freshman year of college I had a lofted bed. Everything was fine and dandy until one morning I missed the rung when stepping down and ended with a cut and bruise the size of Texas on my thigh. Totally have a battle scar to prove it!

    Not gonna lie, Mr. Wow and I moved in with my parents for about 6 months last year in effort to save a shit ton of money. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be married and living with my parents. All our friends thought that we were going through financial hardships, when in actuality, all we wanted to do was plus up our savings and not pay rent for a bit. You do what you gotta do.

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