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This study suggests that you're wasting a ton of home space

We don’t use all the living space we think we need. In fact, additional space can drain your money every month! Read on to learn more...
Nov 5, 2019·8 min read
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How living in a 52 square foot room improved this guy's life

And I thought my wife and I were living small in our 200 square foot Airstream. Not when you compare us to this guy, who calls a room no bigger than 52 square feet his real home. Meet GuyOnFire . Now, check out this dude's super creative living situation. I live in a 52 square foot room and it has improved my life in some wickedly bizarre ways. Some may not consider it a room and many even refer to it as a "Harry Potter cupboard'. Normally, my writings on house hacking
Nov 3, 2017·6 min read
Tiny homes

Is the tiny home movement a fad, or is it here to stay?

It seems like stories about tiny home living and downsizing your lifestyle are all over the place these days. Is it all just a fad or is it here to stay?
May 25, 2016·4 min read

We bought our Airstream!

We bought a 2005 Airstream Classic from a dealership up in Mesa, AZ as our next home and take delivery of it March 31st.
Mar 7, 2016·6 min read
How to Think

Tiny homes and big improvements: 10 ways a tiny home will make us happier

Fresh off of our report on Claudia and Garrett's transition into a smaller home , our homesteads are becoming monsters. Huge liabilities that need to be pro
Feb 3, 2016·3 min read

Why this couple downsized to a 500 square foot tiny house

Claudia and her husband Garrett recently downsized their 1500 square foot house into a 500 sqft tiny house. I had a chat with the couple about why they made the move.
Jan 4, 2016·5 min read
How to Retire

Our Next Life series: Part 2 - Selling almost everything we have

Part 2 - selling. The ol' job that I never particularly enjoyed will be done by the end of 2016, along with my wife's. Now, the rest of our lives can begin...lives of travelers and explorers, lives out in nature after trading out our 1600 sqft house with a pool for a 200 sqft aluminum tube - an Airstream.
Sep 7, 2015·5 min read

Could you live in a tiny house?

A typical tiny house comes equipped with fully functional kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Larger tiny homes may offer an upper level loft for a second (or primary) bedroom away from the living area downstairs. Nicer tiny home options may offer screened in decks or porches.
Dec 6, 2014·2 min read