Live an Above Average life - Email #2: Understand when enough is *enough*

    Live an Above Average Life


    When enough is enough.

    Welcome to the second email in my July "Live an Above Average life" series. In the last email, we talked about developing specific and focused goals that don't suck. Today, we're talking about enough.

    The second that I stepped foot into an office after graduating from college with a degree, I quickly recognized how the world worked.

    Corporate America operates on the notion that nothing is "enough". We're always taught to strive for more. More money. More fame. More responsibilities. More, well, everything.

    If we're standing still, we're not progressing.

    Here's the problem: When we never stand still, we never rest. Relax. Recuperate. When we're always on the go, we don't give ourselves a chance to reflect. To think about whether or not our lives are actually working for us.

    • Are the decisions that we're making consistent with our goals?
    • Do we live each day with purpose and meaning?
    • Or, are we robotically going through life always searching for more?

    Above average people know when they've hit the point of enough. Then, they stop. They reflect on their accomplishments and then, once recouped, start again renewed with the energy and perspective necessary to continue making the right decisions.

    Unless we stop to smell the roses, we'll never set ourselves up for a life where we feel genuinely happy. When we always focus on more, then whatever is it that we're doing won't be enough.

    It'll never be enough.

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