How to ask to Guest Post on a blog (and get it every time!)

18 thoughts on “How to ask to Guest Post on a blog (and get it every time!)”

  1. This is awesome! Every guest post pitch I get looks the same. They haven’t read the blog and they send me full articles “the 5 best ways to…” and that doesn’t fit what I write most of the time. My blog is focused around decision-making. Maybe a pitch that mentions something about making a damn decision? That might get my attention! I do want to get out and guest post more when I have time and let others post on my site too. I’ll send people to this post when they pitch me now 😉

  2. Love it!! My blog is still in the infancy stage and because of that I have decided to keep my blog authentic to my voice. I have written that line specifically on my contact page so people who are contacting me to guest post are aware that at this time I am not taking any guest posts. It is astounding how many still make requests with copy/paste dialogue. Like Andrew said, get to know the blogger/blog first! If you don’t mind, I may link to this on my contact page to show these whippersnappers how it’s done! 🙂

  3. This is awesome! As a public service, I will include this in every incoming pitch from now on!

    One tip I would add is this: make sure you subscribe to thier email list! And if possible email them as a reply to thier own emails. I pay WAY more attention to my subscribers than random people I’ve never heard of.

    1. Good suggestion, Ms. Montana. I’m the same. A “reply” to my subscriber email always get my attention in this noisy world.

  4. Gonna tweet this again for the people int he back who didn’t hear!!!!!!

    Steve, I can’t imagine how many spammy guest post emails you get each day, because I get at least two. And it’s usually people who don’t even read the blog and just want backlinks. I’ve contemplated starting a “Wall of Shame” for the people who keep asking for guest posts in a spammy, horrible way.

    1. Will the “Wall Of Shame” include backlinks? If so, I’ll start badgering you about guest posting. I’ll spel evrythng wrng, and git yor name wrng in my email. Backlink, please??

  5. As a outreach blogger it is very tidy job to find the best blog to pitch your content with the confidence to approve it. Most of the time the huge hurdle behind your post live is a BUDGET, right, most of the well know blogs charge Ferrari payments to publish your content as a guest post. But if you are not facing that hurdle then these tips are amazing to get your post approved. I do also mentioned a blog that recently pitch too and get approved, Its, and I suggest all the straggler bloggers to try this one to have at-least their first pitch gets approved.

  6. I love how these tips are both awesome and HONEST!

    I don’t get a ton of guest post requests a day, but from the ones I’ve received so far, I can honestly say there’s nothing more annoying than ass kissing.

    Reaching out after establishing a relationship with the blogger is indeed a big plus, but asking to guest post out of the blue and opening up with a long paragraph about how wonderful, helpful, amazingly enjoyable a blog you’ve clearly never read before is, is worse than using cheesy pickup lines.

    I understand common courtesy, but many are making a serious effort to take it to the extreme.

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