Blazing an 18-mile trail around the Gorge

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    1. The west is amazing, Penny. In my opinion, the beauty out here crushes the east coast – Washington and Oregon are great spots. Then again, Utah and Arizona are pretty amazing, too.

  1. Love the pics! We did the hike to Latourell falls a few years back. Did you use a polarized lens for the waterfall pics?

  2. I’ll just, second, third, or 10th what everyone else is saying. Absolutely beautiful pictures. You have an amazing skill of which I am jealous. Once I reach FIRE I want to try out several hobbies more in-depth than I do now photography among them. I just own a pocket size digital camera and wonder why I can’t take photos like yours. Kind of silly – need the right tools (and knowledge) for the job. I haven’t visited your other site yet, but I’m on my way! I always enjoy the site (it was the sight that started me down the FIRE path and led me to sites like yours). Now that I know the address of your travel blog, I have another site where I can arm chair travel. Congrats on your success in all areas of your life.

    1. Thanks Tim, very much appreciate your kind words! Yup, tools can definitely help, but you certainly don’t need expensive equipment to get good results.

  3. Those are some amazing pics. I want that ponytail falls pic as my desktop wallpaper, if it wasnt for the writing on it! Great life you guys are having 😃

  4. Great pictures! If you’re still in the area, check out Oneonta Gorge. It’s really awesome. You have to climb over a log jam, hike, and wade to the waterfall. Be careful, though. People have gotten hurt at the log jam.
    Also, check out the Ape Cave if you’re heading north. It’s a lava tube at Mt. St. Helen. We’re going there tomorrow. Bring flashlights for this one. Enjoy the PNW!

  5. Great pictures Steve. If you compiling a list of cool things to do out West, put driving the AlCan Highway on it. I lived in Alaska for a couple of years and drove that road several times. A great experience and some of the best views in the Pacific Northwest.

    1. Thanks Oldster. I’ve seen the drive and heard that the part through Canada is especially scenic. Not sure if we’ll do the entire trek up to Alaska in the Airstream, but we definitely do plan on seeing Canada.

  6. Great photos Steve. Those gorges look unreal. That must have been an amazing hike. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  7. Not sure how I missed this post, but it sure relaxed me today when I needed it! Thanks Steve! Stunningly Beautiful!

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