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Financial independence for the non-early retiree

Published June 15, 2017   Posted in How to Think

What if I have no plans to retire early? Is financial independence all that important then? In fact, why should I give a damn about this whole FI thing if I love my job and am perfectly okay working into my 60s doing something that brings a smile to my face? Because some day, your job […]
It probably won’t take readers long to realize that my wife and I keep switching things up in our lives. As circumstances change and our financial situation morphs and twists, we try to be flexible enough to adjust to life’s ever-changing nuggets of fun. This time, it’s our FI date, and things are getting even […]

Financial independence day – September, 2018

Published May 11, 2015   Posted in How to Think

In the past, I haven’t given much thought to nailing down a specific month and year when my wife and I will finally achieve financial independence and be able to call it quits from holding full time jobs.  But recently, posts like Even Steven’s (and further, one by Fervent Finance) has inspired me* to take a closer […]

What does Financial Independence mean to you?

Published April 23, 2015   Posted in Having some fun

Financial Independence is one of those terms that enjoys a broad following.  It means different things to different people, and we all have our own special way of defining what this phrase, and especially the meaning behind it, truly means to each and every one of us. For me, financial independence is simple: it means […]