Blog showcase: The young and the restless!

Blog showcase: The young and the restless!

Blog showcase: The young and the restless!
    Hey guys, it's blog showcase time! This is my opportunity to spread the love a little bit around this wonderful personal finance blogosphere and talk about some of the newer blogs run by some seriously motivated bloggers. The bloggers might not be young, but the blogs are!

    I've spent the last couple of weeks casing the joint. I've been on the hunt for newer blogs that are ready for some wonderful blog traffic. These bloggers are all determined to design a better life for themselves by mastering their money and prioritizing what is truly important to them.

    Blogs take a TON of time to start, build and maintain - trust me. This blog post is designed to reward that hard work with some traffic, but to also offer up some differing perspectives on the issue of money. There are a lot of ideas out there, and the more knowledgeable we are about what's going on in this community, the better prepared we'll be to make the very best decisions for ourselves and our families.

    Alright, enough chatting. Without further ado, I present to you...

    Blog showcase: The young and the restless

    Miss Mazuma - She's ruling the roost as far as I'm concerned. She is a flight attendant by trade and offers readers a relaxing, yet powerful, writing style. Don't miss Miss. Mazuma! <- Triple Ms are powerful stuff.

    Montana Money Adventures - She had over $50Gs of debt on her wedding day. She writes about frugality and the undying wisdom of "work optional". Recently, she wrote about your "monthly nut ratio". I know.

    Bayalis Is The Answer - In Hindi, Bayalis means 42 - and that's the age of retirement for these bloggers. They aren't afraid to throw out some numbers, which I love. Follow their journey, I know you won't be disappointed.

    TJ Pridonoff - Tongue-twister name, but straight-forward money goals. Better yet, next year he's heading off on a cross-country road trip. He doesn't want to wander the planet alone. Just, have options.

    Financial Libre - These guys base their entire money philosophy on a very simple premise: "Freedom leads to happiness and fulfillment". They write about happiness and fulfillment. Health. Careers. They got it all.

    Financial Panther - He's a lawyer; she's a dentist. All his student loans? Gone. Over $85,000, destroyed. They are a high income couple chatting about using big salaries to save big time green and take control over your financial life.

    Cantankerous Life - This guy calls himself a "non-practicing financial planner"; I like it! He is hell-bent on achieving financial independence and designed a wicked cool flow chart that describes his money philosophy.

    Full Time Finance - He maximizes his own happiness by only spending money on the things that matter which, in this day and age, is much easier said that done!.

    Hotels and Money - The Frugal Fox is on a mission. This guy combines frugal living with the art of travel, and he does it so damn well.

    Mustard Seed Money - At 35, this guy clearly wants to take control of his money situation. He wants to retire in five years. Love the determination...and the retirement goal!

    Cracking Retirement - Okay, she's already retired after working for more than 30 years in IT. And in case you're wondering, no, she doesn't get bored.

    Mr. Crazy Kicks - He's almost as informal as I am - and that's saying something! He spreads "deranged" ideas across the Interwebs and has a ton of fun while doing it. Those kicks are pretty cray-cray.

    My Money Wizard - This dude saved $100,000 by 25 and is on pace to quit the rat race by 37. Super cool. He talks about his money wizardry and lays out the straight dope about his net worth.

    Dollar after Dollar - Who wants to build a legacy of wealth for their family? Sounds cool, and this blogger writes about it. Dollar after dollar, it all adds up to something truly freaking awesome.

    Trapped In Work - Joe Freedom is a father of three living an upper-middle class lifestyle. They are surrounded by the hyper-consumption lifestyle, and they want out, fast!

    Edit: More awesome young blogs

    Early Retirement Now - I love this guy's slogan: "You can't afford NOT to retire early". I tend to agree. There is always more money to be made out there...but we can never materialize time out of thin air!

    Picky Pinchers - "We're on a journey to pay off debt and retire early, all while being picky about the pennies we pinch." Man, why can't I be that clever coming up with slogans! Ugh.

    Wealth Well Done - Finding your true purpose in life can be tough, and this guy writes about it. Remember, "wealth" isn't just about riches. It's about happiness. And fulfillment.

    The Money Commando - He's 40 and plans to call it quits at 45. He likes his job now...but he understands that jobs change. He might not like it forever. What's a guy to do? Financial independence, that's what!

    Did I forget anyone?

    I KNOW that I forgot some blogs. There are a ton out there and I couldn't possibly capture every one. Trust me, it wasn't personal. If there are any young blogs out there that I missed, please do let me know in the comments section below. I'm always geared up and ready to pursue some more blogs - and hell, I might even edit this article and include those blogs later on!

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