Budget March 2015 ~ The Month of Juice

6 thoughts on “Budget March 2015 ~ The Month of Juice”

  1. Glad you guys were able to get your refinance done.

    Do you guys use Mint of Personal Capital to aggregate all your accounts? That makes everything really easy for my super detailed reports that I published. Just a thought.


    1. Hey Gen Y,

      We use Mint for the majority of our personal finance stuff. I have seen Personal Capital but quite honestly haven’t used it yet. I heard that Mint is a little bit more user friendly when it comes to budgeting, but I have absolutely zero evidence to base that on other than what people tell me. 🙂

      1. I use Mint and Personal Capital. And Mint is much easier and more geared towards budgeting. Where Personal Capital is more geared towards investments.

        Both are amazingly free tools.


  2. I too am a fan of personal capital. Mint does ok, but the budgeting feature leaves much to be desired – which is why my excel picks up where Mint drops the ball.

    Great job with the refi – 1% is an awesome savings over the life of the loan.

    1. Thanks! It was tough to stomach the fees associated with the refinance, but we convinced ourselves to move forward with it because, like you said, we’ll start seeing savings in pretty short order (probably starting next year). So in the end, it’s worth the cost.

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