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Getting Out of Debt

Is Retiring with a Mortgage a Smart Decision?

Is retiring with a mortgage a good idea? Should you pay your house off before you retire? Here's Melissa's take.
Feb 14·4 min read
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Going from 6-figure debt to financial literacy advocate

Dec 12, 2019·6 min read
Getting Out of Debt

“Back in the Game” With A-Rod Lets Us Learn From Fallen Stars

Before you can climb out, you need to know how far you’ve fallen
Nov 20, 2019·5 min read
Soliciting Advice

Melissa Blevins’ perfection hangover cure offers an answer to overcoming inspiration obstructions

I (Melissa Hollis) had the chance to chat with Melissa Blevins from Perfection Hangover about where her perfectionist qualities came from and how freeing herself from those shackles enlightened her financial future.
Nov 15, 2019·12 min read
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Ultimate extroverts’ guide to avoiding lifestyle creep

Calling all extroverts! Here are seven tips to help you avoid lifestyle creep, over-spending, and FOMO when your friends go all out on plans.
Nov 9, 2019·6 min read
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Escaping the debt spiral: A high income path to financial independence

Debts are big business in the U.S. Escape the debt spiral by using these seven proven techniques to keep your money safe and under control.
Jul 23, 2019·10 min read
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Here is why your brain will like the debt snowball

The debt snowball is one of the most well-known methods of getting out of debt, and here is why your brain will like it.
Jul 8, 2019·10 min read
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Can you still buy a home if you have student loan debt?

Student loan debt plagues millions of people out of college or trade schools. Does it make sense to buy a house with this debt?
Jun 26, 2019·7 min read
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With all we know about debt, why are so many people still in debt?

Speakers speak about it. Writers write about it. Bloggers blog about it. Tips and tricks to getting out of debt are all over the place, but yet, people are still in debt. In total, the relentless pool of consumer debt has squeaked past $1.3 trillion. Okay, WTF? The NASDAQ says that debt is enslaving the American people . That's tough to disagree with. In our case, early retirement would not have been possible if we
May 2, 2018·7 min read
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The only two reasons to go into debt - ever!

I feel like I'm going all "Dave Ramsey" on you people, but debts are serious business. Debts put us into a position of weakness by owing money that we currently do not have. While there are legit reasons to take on debt, the majority of Americans accept these financial weaknesses too freely. Debts are big business in the United States, and they bury too many Americans underneath mountains of stress that are tough to escape from. Some frightening numbers, from [https://www.nerdwal
Oct 31, 2016·4 min read

Budget January 2016 ~ Stock market craziness and home renovations

Here is our first report on our 2016 budget. Ever since we decided that the path for us is out of the rat race and into an early retirement of our choosing, the Mr. and I have been keeping an eye on our finances and scaling down our spending. Neither one of us were complete clowns, but we certainly weren't looking out for our future selves at anywhere near the level we want/need to be. So in comes the budget. Budgets don't work for everyone and in the future, it may not be necessary for us but,
Feb 1, 2016·3 min read

Our 2015 budget update - how did we do?

As many of you know from our monthly budget update , we rely on a budget to help keep us on our goal to Financial Independence. But, budgets seem to be sore subjects. We either love them or we hate them. Take a look at how our 2015 budget worked for us. We love keeping a budget, but we approach budgeting in a slightly different way than most. Instead of a straight monthly calculation of anticipated 30-day expenses, we calculate our anticipated sp
Jan 6, 2016·4 min read