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Advice is a dime-a-dozen…especially shitty advice. And about money. We humans have a way of taking conventional wisdom and turning it into gospel that gets disseminated blindly and without a second thought. Especially about money. So much of it relates to money. I’ve heard it. You’ve heard it. And let’s face it: It’s kinda fun […]

We didn’t buy a yurt

Published April 26, 2017  

On April Fools day, we published a video on our YouTube channel. We stood in front of the camera and told our audience that instead of setting sail in our Airstream, we’re selling Charlie and buying a yurt instead. There were just way too many RV-style YouTube channels. The video was 2:30 long. Here, watch […]

Is this blog dead? No, but…

Published March 20, 2017   Tags: , is a blog I started to chronicle our path towards early retirement. Now that I’ve reached that goal, I am confronted with a question that I had never anticipated answering: Where do I take the blog? Is it dead? Maybe just…hibernating? I’m going to unload a little more honesty for you good people. I’m sure […]

Personal Finance bloggers on Instagram

Published January 28, 2017   Tags:

Hi all – I thought that I’d burn a weekend post by highlighting some of my favorite Instagram accounts run by personal finance bloggers. You don’t often think about Instagram when you’re talking personal finance, but today, let’s change that! For the record (not to mention a shameless plug), I have an Instagram account associated […]
Taking stunning photos doesn’t require expensive equipment. On a reader’s request, this article describes my very simple process of making kick-ass photographs without spending stupid money on equipment that won’t do a thing to improve my photography. Here’s the key: In my view, the best camera system is whatever one that you feel the most comfortable […]
It’s the holidays, and I’m in a free-wheelin’, fun-loving spirit, so let’s burn a post this week by talking about something unrelated to personal finance. Yup, we’re talking about pet peeves. The things that shouldn’t bother me so much, but do. My biggest pet peeve? Like, ever? It’s when someone describes having a baby as “starting a […]

We live in an RV, not under a bridge!

Published December 12, 2016   Tags: , ,

One of the most common questions that we get asked after spilling the beans about living full-time in our Airstream goes something like this: “Oh, so you guys must eat out a lot then, right?” And our answer is always the same. “Umm…no. Why do you ask?” “You probably don’t have much of a kitchen, […]

My favorite thing that I have always sucked at

Published November 28, 2016  

I have come to the realization that there are a great many things in life that I suck at. Just, totally screw the pooch on. Things like building a winning fantasy football team, or identifying strange mixes of color (“Oh, that’s a fuchsia blend with coquelicot, with a splash of sarcoline”). Yeah, that does not […]
A few days ago I got a call from my boss. He knows my last work day is December 23rd and that I refuse to travel 100% of the time between now and then. I will continue to do good work, but I can’t travel full-time. I can’t just leave for weeks at a time. […]
Hey folks! I am absolutely delighted to bring you another guest post today, this time from the one and only Our Next Life. They are two awesome mountain-dwellers who have taken their financial freedom by storm and have a lot to be thankful for. Today, they are writing about talking money over turkey. Let’s go! […]