One couple’s unforgettable trip to a cold, unlikely place

37 thoughts on “One couple’s unforgettable trip to a cold, unlikely place”

  1. What an adventure! I really despite cold weather, but I’m sure it would be awesome to do something so unusual, challenging, and beautiful. I’m sure they will never forget the memories made in Antarctica! And the pictures are amazing.

  2. This is absolutely amazing. Visiting all 7 continents is one of our goals as well and Mrs. T has looked into Antarctica cruises. It’s expensive but after reading your story it is definitely once-in-a-life-time experience. We’ll have to save lots for this trip. 🙂

  3. What an amazing story. It sounds like great trip to take. I agree with others here: expensive but well worth the travel.
    I need to find a creative solution to get my wife on board of that ship: she does not like boat travel at all. After a whale watching trip gone bad for here, anything with waves is a no go…

  4. A friend of ours got to take that trip in 2014 due to a last minute cancellations and her being a solo passenger. I remember she was debating it due to work concerns, and we were both like, OMG, when will you get this chance again?! Do it, work will still be here.” She met someone on that cruise and they’re still in a relationship even though he is in Belgium and she’s here, for now. She also thought it was amazing and well worth it, and echoed the sentiment of the rough crossing of Drake’s Passage.

    The photos though were amazing!

    1. Wow, awesome story! I agree, if you get a chance like that, you gotta figure it probably won’t happen again. Gotta take it, cause you never know what will happen! 🙂

  5. I’d love to do it but not sure I could handle Drake’s passage. It sounds absolutely miserable. We just returned from a cruise to the Bahamas and crossing the gulf stream was enough of a ride for me (with probably nothing more than 8-10′ swells). My wife definitely wouldn’t be joining us since she is extremely prone to motion sickness and struggles on cruises at times (in spite of plenty of dremamine).

    But I’d love to see Antarctica if I could avoid the rough seas. It’s not quite on the bucket list but something that would be cool to do for sure!

    1. Appreciate the comment! I’d love to go, but I certainly wouldn’t want to take the ferry down. I don’t think I could handle Drake’s passage. 🙂

  6. I’ve thought about visiting Antarctica for many of the reasons mentioned above but don’t have any plans to get there in the near future. Gosh I didn’t realize the ocean swells are that big. Yikes. I’ve been in rough seas before but no where near swells that big. I feel queasy just thinking about it!

    1. I’m with you, Untemplater! I’d be okay flying there, but I’m not sure that I could boat there, especially through Drake’s Passage. I’d be so sea sick, I think. It wouldn’t be a pretty sight!

  7. That looks amazing!!! I bet being there gives you a certain feeling, like humans aren’t really meant to be there. While $10k is a lot of money, I’m sure it’s an incredible experience that is worth way more than the money it costs. I’m now a little tempted to do it myself… if I can get over the thought of Drake’s passage!

    Thanks for sharing!

    PS. That thanksgiving meal actually looks pretty tasty! I may be saying this because I’ve not had lunch yet and I feel pretty hungry 😉

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