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How to Save

Why you should aim for financial independence, even if you don't plan to retire early

Interested in the FIRE movement but not sure about early retirement? Learn about financial independence without focusing on retirement!
Nov 4, 2019·6 min read
How to Save

4 ways to find what makes you happy and improve your relationship with money

Does your current budget make you happy? If not, do you know how it could? Living your best life is all about how you plan your resources.
Oct 29, 2019·7 min read
How to Retire

The best advice for living forever off your retirement

Attaining finanical freedom isn't just about making and saving money, it's about being able to maintain a new lifestyle
Oct 21, 2019·5 min read
How to Think

What will make you happier: retiring early or never retiring at all?

What's the difference between people who retire early and who never retire? The answer is actually pretty complicated.
Oct 17, 2019·10 min read
How to Retire

What does it mean to retire early vs. retire from full-time work?

Unlike retiring in your 60s, early retirement isn't about stopping or slowing down. People who retire younger end up doing even more.
Oct 15, 2019·5 min read

Going from IT to the Outdoors: The Ultimate Digital Nomad Starter Kit

You can make money outside of an office or a house. Here's everything you need to know about becoming a digital nomad.
Oct 9, 2019·8 min read
Guest Posts

Use the Kaizen method to achieve amazing change

Here’s something we can all agree on: Failing to accomplish our goals sucks. You’ve dreamed of starting a million dollar business and failed. You’ve dreamed of being in the best shape of your life at 25 and failed. You’ve dreamed of switching careers by the end of last year and failed. As if this wasn’t enough… You eventually start to believe that you’re not capable of achieving anything and your motivation plummets faster than a speeding bullet. Unless you begin to make positive changes or
Mar 30, 2018·11 min read
Guest Posts

Impostor no more! How one Ph.D. engineer bested her impostor syndrome

I am currently a researcher at the Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach. I completed my Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, worked as a product design engineer for Apple, founded my own business, and pursued my research passion combining textiles and electronics. Despite my accomplishments, I often felt like a failure, not believing that I truly belonged in engineering. This is imposter syndrome. [Note from Steve: Fay (a long-time friend of my wife Courtney) reached out to me afte
Mar 7, 2018·7 min read

What is it like making over $900,000 a year?

Interview with Michele of MakingSenseofCents who is making $900,000 a year or more. Believe it or not, she lives just like the large majority of us. She values money at least as much as I do. Even with her incredibly high income, she still thinks about every purchase made.
Oct 20, 2017·5 min read

I lost my six-figure income and I’m much happier

Trust me when I tell you that six-figure jobs aren't always what they are cracked up to be. I had one and quickly demoted myself. So did the blogger that I'm about to feature in today's post - only, this blogger wishes to remain anonymous. So, no links back to their blog. And without further ado - tell us about your story of a successful demotion! I sat in my one-on-one meeting with my boss Megan*, internally telling myself, "Don't cry! Don't cry!" I pictured Tom Hanks from, "A League of Their
Aug 2, 2017·6 min read

Question time: Would you ever downsize this much?

Talk about an epic downsize: My wife and I met a fellow camper the other night who left his Atlanta condo, bought an inexpensive travel trailer, and hit the road out to Tucson
Apr 27, 2016·2 min read

One couple's unforgettable trip to a cold, unlikely place

A lot of us might choose a warm and tropic destination to enjoy a vacation or trip, but I had the opportunity to talk with an incredible woman named Chelsea who had a very different vacation spot in mind. Think south. Very south. Like, Antarctica. She is a free spirit. Then again, she also loves to plan (just like my wife!). Apparently, that combination creates an environment that is ripe for a unique way to spend a Thanksgiving. Okay, unforgettable might be a better word. Instead of a cruise
Feb 1, 2016·4 min read