The coolest blogs: A new series starting tomorrow

Published July 8, 2016   Posted in Coolest Blogs

Tomorrow will begin a new series of Saturday posts that highlight some of the coolest financial blogs out there. Publishing on the second Saturday of every month,Β this is my chance to throw some links (and love) around the personal finance blogosphere.

These are all blogs that I thoroughly enjoy and regularly visit. Some cover the “softer” side of early retirement while others focus in on the numbers, taxes and fiscal nuts and bolts. There is just no shortage of awesome blog content out there within this community.

Also, no Friday Feast this week because we are in Baja, Mexico enjoying some time away from the brutal and punishing heat of Arizona. My job over the last week has been to enjoy the ocean, bask in the sun and realize once again how badly I want this kind of lifestyle 100% of the time, not just for a couple week-long stretches throughout the year.

I’m over half way there. December can’t come soon enough!

Enjoy a few pictures from Baja. Remember to follow our adventures on our sister Twitter profile, Full Time Explorers.

Looking down the beach from our house.

Looking down the beach from our house.

The wife and I in front of crashing waves!

The wife and I in front of crashing waves!

Our dog Penny chillin' on the beach.

Our dog Penny chillin’ on the beach.

As the sign says, "Welcome To The Beach"!

As the sign says, “Welcome To The Beach”!

From the backyard of the house in Baja.

From the backyard of the house in Baja.

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25 responses to “The coolest blogs: A new series starting tomorrow”

  1. Those are some amazing pictures (and that’s one happy pup!) We’ve never been to Mexico – so we definitely love reading about everyone’s adventures! Looking forward to your series. I love finding out about new sites and checking out their content. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Can’t wait to read the new series tomorrow!

  3. Pictures look great! Did you drive Charlie out there with the Airstream?

    • Steve says:

      Hey Fervent! No, Charlie stayed back in AZ for this trip. My in-laws rented a house on the coast, so Charlie was not necessary on this trip. πŸ™‚

  4. Photos look amazing! We are heading to the beach in California in a few short weeks. Enjoy!

  5. Loving your Baja photos; looks pretty idyllic! Was it easy to take Penny across the international border?

    • Great question! I’d love to know this answer too since we have dogs and hope to travel with them!

    • Steve says:

      Hey Matt – yup, it was pretty easy to take our dogs. Going into Mexico was basically just driving through the border. We were a little more concerned about getting back into the country, but that turned out to be no problem for us. Technically, your pets need an official “health check” document to cross back into the country, but the Border Patrol agent didn’t care when we drove through. For us, no problem at all.

  6. Chad Carson says:

    Beautiful photos! I’ve been to a lot of places in Mexico, but never Baha. Will have to check it out.

    Love the coolest blogs idea. Will definitely follow along to see some of the best sites out there.

  7. Tawcan says:

    Great pictures. Looking forward to the new series.

  8. Matt Spillar says:

    Great idea for a new series, and love the photos! Especially the one of Penny, what a happy pup πŸ™‚

  9. LazyFIGuy says:

    Ah, the beach. How I love beaches. We’re going to Key West in October for our long awaited vacation. Seeing your picture of the sign welcoming you to the beach reminds me of the quaint signs in the keys.

    Looks like you’re all having a wonderful time. Enjoy!

    • Steve says:

      I love Key West – I’ve been there a few times and it’s always a nice place to spend a few days. Rent scooters if you can – those are always fun to take around the city. It doesn’t take long to get around…especially on scooters.

  10. Looking forward to this series! Can’t wait to hopefully discover some new and exciting personal finance blogs I haven’t read yet! Amazing pictures by the way, looks like some amazing scenery!

    • Steve says:

      Thanks Elliot. It was very unique landscape down there for sure. Basically…a desert that butts up against the Pacific ocean. Very cool!

  11. Love the Baja pics!

    Heck, I love Baja period! Enjoy the trip. Eat a few fish taco’s for me.

  12. The first picture of the beach looks absolutely gorgeous. Like everyone else, am looking forward to the new blog series as well.

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