Our financial independence date, new and improved

Our financial independence date, new and improved

It probably won't take readers long to realize that my wife and I keep changing our minds on things.

Our financial independence date, new and improved
    It probably won't take readers long to realize that my wife and I keep switching things up in our lives. As circumstances change and our financial situation morphs and twists, we try to be flexible enough to adjust to life's ever-changing nuggets of fun. This time, it's our FI date, and things are getting even better.
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    Originally, our FI Date was roughly in the neighborhood of 2020.  Then, it got moved up to September 2018.  Now, another change!

    What's our new FI date? December 2016 (Mission accomplished!)

    Remember, it's about spending, not income.

    Over the course of the last couple of months, we came to realize that a home that doesn't move around just isn't that much fun.  Our goal is to travel and see our country, visit every national and state park, make our temporary home out in the middle of nowhere and enjoy the natural land, then move somewhere else on the spur of the moment and continue on.

    We plan to do this by selling the large majority of what we have, including both of our homes, and moving into an RV - perhaps an Airstream.

    Among so many other lifestyle changes, this will also change how we spend money, and more importantly, how much we spend.  Specifically, our expenses decrease significantly.  We are living in a 200 sqft home on wheels instead of an 800 or 1000 sqft home.  When out in the middle of nowhere, rent is 100% free.  It takes next to nothing to heat and cool a space that small.  No yard to pay for, and we plan to solarize the thing.

    My wife and I plan to work camp for a portion of our travels, which means we'll get free "full hookup" camp sites (meaning, water, electric and sewer) absolutely free for putting in 20 to 25 hours a week helping out at the campground, like checking people in, answering questions, even giving guided tours depending on the location.

    Free rent WITH electric?  Hell yeah baby, sign me up.

    Getting back to the point of this article, this reduction in expenses has prompted a very positive change in our Financial Independence date, which is the date that we effectively quit our jobs because our net worth can support our anticipated lifestyle for the duration of our lives.

    By the end of next this year, both my wife and I should be completely finished with this "work for a living" stuff and ready to hit the road and see the sights.

    It's going to be a wonderful 2016 holiday season.  :)


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