We’re Airstreamers, but don’t call us trailer trash!

53 thoughts on “We’re Airstreamers, but don’t call us trailer trash!”

  1. How awesome is this! What a great adventure. I’m also super envious of your wife’s folding talents. My mind immediately went to Marie Kondo. After folding all my clothes in that style, I never wanted to disturb them – it took too long to do! Ha. Sounds like your wife has a skill set I most certainly don’t. Glad your adventure has gone so smoothly so far. Have fun with Charlie!

    1. Thanks Penny! Yeah, she can organize things better than I could ever dream of, so she’s a good person to keep around. This place would be a cluttered mess if it were only me living in this thing!

      Appreciate the well wishes! 🙂

  2. Looking good guys. If we weren’t having babies right now, we would totally be doing exactly what you guys are…..well….in a Scamp 5th wheel probably, but you know. Enjoying following your journey. Look us up when you get to Florida.


    1. We will! One of these days we plan to make the Maine-to-Florida trip down the East coast, though that won’t be for a long time we don’t think because of the resources we’ll need to actually make that happen. But one day we’ll do it!

  3. Sounds wonderful! Maybe I’ll be up for a different lifestyle like this once we get a few kids launched out the door and into life! 2 adults (and maybe 1 kid or 2 dogs) in a confined space sounds doable. 5 people sounds like torture (at least to this American accustomed to wide open expanses of interior living space!).

    Congrats on making it happen. I just read the Frugalwoods’ story about their new homestead in Vermont and they are moving that way in the next month or two as well. Everyone is on the move! 🙂

    1. Thanks Justin. Yup, I read the Frugal Woods’ story this morning as well. We are both making our goals come true, though in very different ways. They have a big house and lots of land, and we have a 200 sqft Airstream with the whole country to explore! 🙂

  4. Congrats! That’s a nice little camper site you have there. I used to work at an RV campground and people would come in with their brand new travel trailers with now idea how to back them in and would ask 18 year old me to do it. I became a pro 😉

    1. Thanks Fervent! Yeah, I bet you became an expert at backing trailers up into spots if people asked you to do it for them (which means they will never learn). It just takes some practice, that’s all. I had never really done it before either, but after a few tries, it was perfect.

  5. Congrats on moving into your new home! I look forward to continuing to hear all that you learn along the way. Good luck figuring out the best offer on your house… I hope you make lots and lots of money to fuel your adventures. 🙂

    1. Thanks, and we’ll definitely post about our trials and tribulations along the way. The house sale is going well – I think we’re gonna take the second offer, though it’s contingent. I think the $11k over asking is worth the risk!

  6. Awesome! I dream of living small. My husband and I joke that is what we would do if we get divorced, but honestly he has such big hobbies (guitar, banjo, dulcimer, kayaking, woodworking…) we couldn’t do it. Instead we like the idea of having more of a micro-cottage with a detached 3 car garage/workshop/music room for him. And just in case he reads this, I will admit that I recently picked up the cello – so I’ve got a big hobby too now…

    1. Ha! Nice. Yeah, it sounds like your hobbies would preclude you from full-time RVing – at least moving around while living in an RV. You could, in theory, park an RV somewhere and have some additional resources around you without moving around to make your hobbies work.

      That micro-cottage sounds like the perfect solution. 🙂

  7. Congrats, it sounds like some fun reading about adjusting to the RV life, even if you’ll mostly be in the same spot for the rest of the year. The backing in will get easier. I had a summer job in high school working at a boat dealership and every morning I’d have to pull the boats out, set them up on display and put them back at the end of the day, so I got really good at maneuvering trailers. 🙂

    1. That actually sounds like a super fun job to have while in high school. I worked at a grocery store and then a camera shop. Camera shop was fun, but not nearly as exciting as what you got to do, at least for the summers. 🙂

      1. It also involved mowing the lot, which meant moving every single boat they had in inventory at least once a week, washing and detailing boats, and whatever the heck else they decided they wanted me to do that day. 🙂 It was fun though because I didn’t mind the work and I was outside a lot and met some really interesting people.

        1. Ah, gotcha. I bet you did get to meet some very interesting people in that line of work. Not even sure I’d want to know some of your weirder stories. 😉

    1. Thanks much, Brian. Yeah, I think we did. We aren’t exactly roughing it at the moment because we want our first experience with the Airstream to be a good one. That, and we’re still working and pulling down two decent salaries, so… 😉

  8. We love camping, so living in a campground sounds like so much fun! It’s crazy how hard it feels to spend time outside when we’re at home, and how easy it is when we’re camping. I’m excited to check out your wife’s blog, too!

    1. Thanks Kalie. It is fun. I enjoy swimming in pools that I don’t actually gotta maintain, so that’s been nice. And everything being included in the cost of the campsite, for the exception of electricity, is an added benefit and makes things super simple. So far, it’s great.

  9. Gotta love Charlie! Very inspiring article, congrats on the move. I look forward to seeing the setup in next weeks post. Good luck on closing the deal on your house now.

    The Green Swan

  10. Steve,

    Motorized stabilizing jacks – talk about the lap of luxury! That is one thing I wished we had on our 24 foot Jay Flight Trailer (Jill). I am so exited for you guys moving in and selling your home. You have a great adventure ahead of you!

    Did Clifford have much trouble pulling Charlie? Are there any passes between Phoenix and Tuscon?

    The wife and I are heading to Lake Pleasant on Sunday and plan on staying through Friday. I would like to come down to your neck of the woods at some point and visit the Tuscon area. We will drop you a note when we have a better idea of timing.

    Take care,

    1. Ha! Lap of luxury indeed! I didn’t even know that the jacks were motorized when I bought this thing, so it was just a nice little added benefit when we found out. Clifford didn’t have any trouble pulling Charlie. There is about an 800-foot incline between Mesa and Tucson, but it’s a very gradual gradient. Absolutely no hills of any kind on the way home. I have no doubt, though, that Clifford will pull Charlie just fine.

      We’d love to have you guys take a trip down to Tucson. We should be around for the rest of the year so hopefully we’ll be able to make something work (for the exception of two vacations – one in July and the other the first week of September).

      Fun times ahead, my friend!

    2. Fantastic! For the longest time the markets around me did not have the canned D de L and I had to use the crock pot method. I never liked that much planning ahead stuff. This sounds like such a winner! Trevor Sis Boom.P.S. Thank you for such a lovely comment on my blog today. It really made my day! I will be back here for sure but I've already spent an hour here and my boss is going to get mad!

  11. Maybe you already know this trick…but it changed my life. Place your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel and turn it the direction you want the trailer to go. That eliminates the mental chess game.

    1. Hi Miss GF! Actually, no, I hadn’t heard of that trick, but it definitely makes sense. Will see if I can put that technique into action the next time I gotta back this sucker up! Appreciate the lead on that one.

  12. Hello,
    Just wanted to say congratulations on your move; love the Airstream! I’m really looking forward to hearing more about your journey, as my family and I are hoping to do this sometime in the next 5-ish years, as well. Hope all is going well thus far…have an awesome day!

    1. Thanks, Brandon! We will definitely post about all of our adventures and how we’re making this truly work for us as we proceed along our journey. So far, all is great.

      Thanks again for reading! 🙂

  13. We are super excited for you! If Courtney can share details about her organizational and packing prowess, I could use some tips to prepare for the next move. I don’t have a spice rack today, but this is a must for RV living!

    1. Thanks Claudia, appreciate the well wishes! Courtney will definitely be writing about how she’s organizing this place, no doubt. And yes, agreed about the spice rack. Definitely a must. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jason. Actually, we may have already sold the house. We have accepted a contingent offer, so provided everything goes through okay, we’ll have one less mortgage to deal with going forward. Neither my wife nor I particularly want to be landlords. 🙂

  14. Congratulations, Steve! I love the size of trailer you picked out — plenty of room but not the biggest thing on the road, either. We spent most of the last week at an established RV and tent campground in Death Valley, and I think I started to “get” the trailer life more watching people park their homes for a week and then go off exploring the park in their trucks and jeeps. Pretty sweet setup!

    1. Thanks Matt! Yup, the 30′ fits in that perfect balance, we think, of the size we need to live full-time as well as the ability to maneuver the trailer in some places around the country. Just like with anything, there is such a thing as TOO BIG. We originally looked at a 34′ Airstream, but decided that was too large for us.

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  16. You made it all look so simple!! I finally got off the RSF forum to do some work today and now I am stuck in your Airstream wormhole! Writing today isn’t meant to be… 🙂

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