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We live in an RV, not under a bridge!

Published December 12, 2016   Posted in Having some fun

One of the most common questions that we get asked after spilling the beans about living full-time in our Airstream goes something like this: “Oh, so you guys must eat out a lot then, right?” And our answer is always the same. “Umm…no. Why do you ask?” “You probably don’t have much of a kitchen, […]
“Where’s the first place that you’re going to go?” One of the first questions I get asked after spilling the beans on our Airstream and travel plans is where we’re planning on taking Charlie, our house on wheels. Inquiring minds want to know! But, we don’t. Nothing is set in stone, yet. Purposefully. As most […]

The downside of living in a 200 sqft Airstream

Published May 9, 2016   Posted in Airstream

Hey gang! So when we bought the Airstream, I promised to give you an honest assessment of how we like it, not just a glorified “we rock and big homes suck” picture that assumes every day is a vacation. Because, well, it isn’t. I’ve said before that our downsize from a 1600 sqft house into […]
Behold, my fellow readers – my first installment of what I am calling the “State of Our Retirement” (SoOR) address, where I briefly give you fine people the low-down on what’s happening and where we are in our drive towards financial independence and retirement from full-time work. It has been an amazing year thus far, […]

Our first night in the Airstream was a cold success!

Published April 13, 2016   Posted in Airstream

It was the very first night in our Airstream, and things were looking promising. Our adventures in living small were exciting and new, and we were ready to settle in for the night. Every evening we take a walk with our dogs to enjoy the cool evenings before the Tucson summer hits us full blast. […]
Well, we’ve done it – we are Airstreamers. As of last Friday, we have officially moved out of our large 1600 sqft house and into our Airstream trailer, just a shade larger than a tenth of the size of our previous home. And so far, we’re loving it. It’s just my wife and me along […]
Happy weekend everyone! I’m here to announce the opening of our newest blog called A Streamin’ Life where my wife will chronical our transition into tiny home living in our new-to-us 30′ Airstream Classic. This is a blog about living small. About cooking in a kitchen a tenth of the size of “normal” kitchens. About […]
Things are getting seriously real around here. Like you read about on Monday, we found our Airstream and paid 100% cash. It’s a 30′ 2005 Airstream Classic, and we’ve already given the trailer a name. Our Airstream’s name is Charlie. That name holds special meaning in my life. In the summertime, a yellow jacket likes […]

We bought our Airstream!

Published March 7, 2016   Posted in Having some fun

Our plan suddenly got very, very real last weekend as we signed on the dotted line. We bought a 2005 Airstream Classic from a dealership up in Mesa, AZ as our next home and will take delivery of it March 31st. Then, the fun truly begins. We got up bright and early that morning even […]
Late in 2015, we thought to ourselves: what if we moved the Our Next Life timetable up a bit by selling our house and moving into our Airstream much earlier in 2016? Originally, we weren’t planning to move until the end of the year. But, moving into our Airstream early would save us money by living small and […]