The Friday Feast ~ the 6th of May

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  1. We always look forward to the Friday Feast to catch up on articles we missed and to direct us to blogs we don’t know about. And what an honor to be mentioned! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. I’ve enjoyed both your words and your photography. What is your camera of choice, if you don’t mind me asking?

    1. Thanks Jonathan, appreciate the kind words. I formerly shot with Nikon equipment, but I recently switched over to Sony and now shoot with an A6000. Nice camera, very light weight and easy to carry around. It’s definitely not a perfect camera, but it’s awesome travel gear with such a small profile.

      1. Interesting! I have a Canon T3i, which I don’t use due to the whole size burden. I was actually considering the A6000 or A6300. Granted the latter is no bargain.

        1. I’ve known quite a few people who shoot with a T3i – seems like a good and dependable camera. But my belief is the best camera *for you* is the camera that you will use…whatever it happens to be. If the T3i and the Canon line is just too big and/or heavy, then yeah, definitely consider one of the mirrorless options out there. I like Sony, but I also like so many other lines as well, like Olympus and Panasonic Lumix.

  3. I will just admit the “I live without money” stories out there make me vomit a little in the back of my throat. Unless the woman is squatting in the wilderness, wiping her but with a pinecone and weaving clothing from reeds she is just as involved with money as the rest of us.

    The idea that rather than taking responsibility for her own lodging, meals, etc but allows others to provide it for her while claiming moral stance isn’t inspiring. It’s aggravating. If a man mows my lawn for 50 dollars, then uses that 50 dollars to purchase lodging and food for the night then he has provided for himself. If a man mows my lawn then I am to procure and provide lodging and food (home cooked only please) for the value of 50 dollars then I have paid significantly more for the work then the original 50… while infantilizing the laborer.

    1. Honestly, I tend to agree in large part. Most of these kinds of stories I just look past and not give a second thought to. For some reason, this one was interesting enough to post – at least to me. Maybe it was because of the length of time that she’s succeeded at living this way. It’s one thing to do this for a month…even a year. But for nearly a couple decades? That’s just insane.

      1. It’s very reminiscent of the swami’s. She sits upon her rock and discusses her lifestyle and the crowds gather at her feet to leave food and clothing. Very weird.

  4. Thanks for the good reads.

    Having read through a number of their posts, I love the incredibly detailed escape plan described by the PIE’s.

    In contrast, the FIRE date for the Financial Slackers is less certain because (1) we both work from home and can work from anywhere so the need to escape is less pressing and (2) we would prefer to maintain the flexibility provided by a steady income until our children finish school.

    1. Me too, FS – love it. And yep, working from home offers an incredible advantage of location independence. Follow the weather! 😉

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