Gentreo Review (2021): Estate planning made easy

Did you know 80 percent of American families have neglected estate planning, which is an incredibly important part of their financial future. Estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy, and it’s about much more than simply distributing your assets after your death.  

Without estate planning, your family could be forced into costly legal services to direct your medical treatment after a serious accident.  Your pet might not get the care it needs if someone is watching it. The courts could make your families’ financial decisions if your loved one can’t make decisions. Establishing a will, designating a healthcare proxy, and giving trusted friends or family power of attorney are all protections people don’t often consider, but this is a huge mistake. Everyone, whether you’re single or married, young or old, should absolutely sort out their estate planning to avoid chaos, confusion and costs should the worst occur.

So why aren’t people better about estate planning? One main reason is the cost—retaining a lawyer and sorting through all the necessary paperwork can seem like an excessive expense when nothing dangerous is on your horizon. That’s why estate planning apps like Gentreo are growing in popularity. I gave the Gentreo estate planning software a try, and I found that it made the big, previously-intimidating process of estate planning into something I could get done in one afternoon.

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What are the benefits of using Gentreo?

It’s easier than traditional estate planning

Estate planning apps are quick and easy to use: not quite at the level of calling an Uber, but not that far off, either. Gentreo specifically is designed to walk you through the estate planning process, covering the most common issues in a clear and concise way. Start to finish—creating a will, trust, and healthcare proxy on Gentreo takes just 30 minutes.  It is thorough and complete.  This is the will that grown-ups complete.

It’s cheaper than hiring a lawyer

Lawyers specializing in estate planning can charge hundreds of dollars an hour. By the time they are done setting up your documents you will likely owe them thousands. That’s money that would be allocated to friends and family according to your wishes, if you had instead paid only the $50 - $130/year that Gentreo charges.

It’s legally enforceable

Documents created through estate planning software has just as much weight in a courtroom as hand-drawn ones. Gentreo takes this a step further by having a network of attorneys constantly monitoring changes to estate law in all 50 states, so when there’s a change in the law in your state that could affect your will or trust, they’ll let you know.

It’s easy-to-find, forever

Stories abound of wills being lost in a dusty old attic, never to be found when they’re needed most. Entrusting a medical directive to an attorney is only safe as long as that attorney stays in-state and in business. When using estate planning software you can be sure that important documents are never lost, altered, or destroyed. And with Gentreo’s Digital Vault, these and any other critical records you want to preserve like letters, photos, or `contracts, can be saved and accessed forever and shared with whoever you choose.

You don’t have to expect the worst but you should definitely plan for it—especially if you have a family.

Sorting out your estate with Gentreo saves you a lot of mess. Don’t leave your loved ones with no will, no medical directives, and no clue what to do if the worst happens.  The cost and the process of documenting your final wishes is easy with Gentreo estate planning software.  A few clicks brings affordable peace of mind to you and all those you love.

Sign up and save $20 on Gentreo with code “ThinkSaveRetire”