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Travel Workouts Review 2020: The best portable fitness equipment

You don’t need a whole lot to get a good workout in. Some of my favorite equipment needed for travel workouts is affordable AND versatile.
Feb 6·3 min read

Email marketing services reviews: Make your newsletters amazing (2020)

Want to make your email marketing shine? You should be using this service...
Jan 31·3 min read

HubSpot Review (2020): After almost a decade, here’s my personal and professional opinion

You may know HubSpot as a marketing and sales tool for entrepreneurs and businesses, but it’s so much more than that.
Jan 27·5 min read

weBoost Drive X RV Review: 2020

Need to boost your cellular service when you're on the road? Look no further than the weBoost Drive X RV!
Jan 15·4 min read

Reviews of Fiverr: buyer & seller perspectives (2020)

If you've ever thought about using Fiverr, but you're not sure about making the leap, here's what you need to know.
Jan 9·5 min read

Playing with FIRE: The Documentary review and where to watch

Beautifully produced, feature length documentary "Playing With FIRE" chronicles a family as they embrace their journey to financial independence.
Jan 3·7 min read

Tanja Hester's Work Optional gets it right by putting money second

In Work Optional, Tanja Hester recalls her story of early retirement at 38 (and her husband's at 41) through a heart-felt look at reality and reason.
Jan 29, 2019·6 min read

The Next Millionaire Next Door: It's a data-science powerhouse and hugely insightful

It's no secret that my favorite book about financial independence and building serious wealth is The Millionaire Next Door by Dr. Thomas Stanley and William Danko. Through years of research, the book proves that wealthy people aren’t necessarily driving around in expensive cars, living in Amazon-sized homes and shopping for $1,000 purses and wallets. Rather, it teaches us that the average millionaire most likely lives a humble existence in
Oct 23, 2018·17 min read

My review of SEO Audit Guide, a side hustle pursuit!

SEO Audit Guide may be your best resource to establish your own Search Engine Optimization business. It is easy to follow and quick to understand.
Oct 8, 2016·2 min read

Minimalism documentary review: About the important things

The Minimalist Film is a well-produced minimalism documentary that talks about endless American consumption, but it's largely repetitive and stale.
May 26, 2016·4 min read

Simplification. What's Important? : "Everything That Remains" by the Minimalists

So in my search for stories on minimalistic life changes, I came across the Minimalists. We got to see Joshua Fields Millburn (one of the Minimalists) on his recent Word Tasting Tour and it inspired me to pick up his memoir, Everything That Remains, from the library.
Aug 29, 2015·3 min read

Crafting the Stories of our Lives: "A Million Years in a Thousand Days" by Donald Miller

Donald Miller wrote an extremely interesting and inspiring book, "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years", that made me really think about the stories we are crafting with our lives. A Million Miles tells Donald's story.
Jul 8, 2015·3 min read