Get Paid to Watch Videos: 9 LEGIT Ways (2024)

Get Paid to Watch Videos: 9 LEGIT Ways (2024)

Get Paid to Watch Videos: 9 LEGIT Ways (2024)

You might’ve heard of paid surveys—an opportunity for you to share some thoughts and ideas in exchange for cash. But what about paid videos?

Get Paid to Watch Videos: 9 LEGIT Ways (2024)

    It’s actually quite common for companies to ask you to watch a video and provide your feedback. You may share how you feel about the product being advertised or how you feel about the video as a whole. In exchange, they’ll offer you a small bit of cash for your participation.

    Below are nine ways you can get paid to watch videos along with a few more profitable but involved options.

    1. Swagbucks

    Swagbucks is our tried and true. Having been around since 2008, Swagbucks has built a reputation over the years as a legitimate, all-in-one platform for earning extra cash. After creating an account, you’ll find a list of opportunities, including paid surveys (which may include videos) cash back offers, and bonuses for scanning receipts.

    As with all similar platforms, earnings vary. However, one very dedicated user timed their usage on the platform and charted it against their earnings. They earned an average of $3.13 per hour, earning around $518 after 166 hours of time spent within the app.

    No hidden fees

    Like most earning apps, Swagbucks won’t make you rich. It’ll take some time to see your earnings stack up to a substantial number, but if you’re looking for a side hustle you can start today, it isn’t a bad option.

    Swagbucks earned the following reviews:

    • 4.4 Stars on the Apple App Store (103,300 reviews)
    • 4.2 Stars on TrustPilot (35,000 reviews)
    • 4.2 Stars on the Google Play Store (131,000 reviews)
    • 4.3 Stars on Think Save Retire

    2. KashKick

    KashKick is one of the newer platforms on the market, launching in April 2023, according to the Better Business Bureau. That said, it’s already making a name for itself as a high-quality, easy-to-use platform to make extra cash.

    The user-friendly mobile app is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, you’ll find a slew of paid opportunities within the app, including surveys, games, videos, and extra offers.

    Source: BBB

    The one gripe users seem to have with KashKick is that they’ve run into errors with the platform not tracking their progress accurately. This can be frustrating as it can lead to not receiving the earnings you worked for. That said, in most reviews sharing this sentiment, users have said the KashKick team was responsive and accommodating where possible.

    No hidden fees

    Kashkick appears to be a newer platform in comparison to competitors, leaving it with fewer reviews and a less sophisticated website. While this gives us a bit less information to judge the platform on, we tested it ourselves and found it to be a decent way to make a few extra bucks here and there.

    Kashkick earned the following reviews:

    • 3.5 Stars on the Apple App Store (254 reviews)
    • 3.7 Stars on TrustPilot (656 reviews)
    • 4.1 Stars on the Google Play Store (544 reviews)
    • 4.0 Stars on Think Save Retire

    3. InboxDollars

    InboxDollars is another tried and true. Launched in 2000, the platform has earned over 5 million downloads, maintaining 4.0+ star reviews across review sites.

    We aren’t surprised by this. Within the app, you’ll find hundreds of opportunities to earn extra cash, including paid surveys, games, videos, and bonuses for scanning receipts. When we tried the app ourselves, we earned $5.50 within the first few minutes.

    No hidden fees

    InboxDollars is a legitimate site for earning cash. While it won't make you rich, it’s a great side hustle for extra money on the side.

    InboxDollars earned the following reviews:

    • 4.5 Stars on the Apple App Store (185,000 reviews)
    • 4.2 Stars on TrustPilot (39,000 reviews)
    • 4 Stars on the Google Play Store (140,000 reviews)
    • 4.3 Stars on Think Save Retire

    4. TesterUp

    If you’ve read our TesterUp review, you know we have a few concerns. However, we still think it’s a solid platform for earning money watching videos—if you can overlook the funky bits.

    TesterUp is a newer platform for earning money online. It offers paid surveys (which may include videos), games, and additional paid testing opportunities. While it’s free to download, it has a $70 minimum earning threshold to cashout, which is significantly higher than competitors.

    That said, those that have had success on the platform have earned a decent bit:

    • Miss-LH on Reddit: $132 in one week
    • Ecstatic-Ad-5155 on Reddit: $70 in one week
    • Russell from TrustPilot: $200 in one month

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    5. Freecash

    Freecash is another newer platform in the space. As with any mobile app, the platform was a big buggy when we tried it out. If you can overlook that, however, it’s a great platform for earning spare cash.

    You’ll find three opportunities to earn—paid surveys (which may contain videos), games, and extra offers. According to Freecash, the average user earns $12.87 per day by spending 17 minutes and 16 seconds completing tasks—not bad.

    The other notable con is that the mobile app isn’t available in the Apple App Store, just for Android. That said, you can complete tasks via the web version of Freecash if you don’t own an Android device.

    No hidden fees

    We review apps like FreeCashall day long, and we aren’t afraid to let you know when an app simply isn’t worth downloading.

    FreeCash earned the following reviews:

    • 4.3 out of 5 Stars on the Google Play Store (44,000 reviews)
    • 4.6 out of 5 Stars on TrustPilot (61,000 reviews)
    • 4.5 out of 5 Stars on Think Save Retire

    6. Earnably

    If you want to get paid to watch videos, Earnably is worth checking out. We say this because it has an entire section of the platform dedicated to paid videos. While other platforms have opportunities to get paid to watch videos, Earnably may have more simply due to having an entire dedicated section for it.

    While earnings vary, reviews don’t—most users report a positive experience using the platform and no issues cashing out.

    7. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

    Nielsen, a global market research and data company, offers a unique opportunity to get paid to do pretty much nothing. The Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel allows you to download the Nielsen app to your phone, then get paid to share your data in the background.

    By using your mobile phone as you normally would, Nielsen is able to collect data on consumer behavior, which it then leverages in its marketing and data research. You may also receive occasional invitations to participate in paid surveys, which may ask you to watch advertisements and provide feedback.

    According to Nielsen, you’ll earn up to $60 per year in gift cards. While this isn’t anything to write home about, it’s a decent wage given that it’s almost completely passive.

    The one downside is that some users have complained of the platform interfering with their internet connection. They claim they’ve had to close the Nielsen app to perform other tasks, as their phone isn’t able to load webpages and other mobile apps while the Nielsen app is running in the background.

    Pro Tip

    Not every job in the gig economy is equal. Here are the best side hustles to consider during your layoff to make the most cash.

    8. Content Tagging Jobs

    If you’re looking for a more formal role, consider hunting down a content tagging position. While Netflix’s content tagging position took over social media, there are other opportunities with smaller companies as well.

    The position, formally called an Editorial Insights Content Analyst at Netflix, reviews and tags the shows and movies on the platform. This helps with the categorization and recommendations of content within Netflix’s algorithm.

    According to our research, Editorial Analysts at Netflix can earn up to $134,000 per year. At the time of writing, there aren’t any open positions in the United States, but check back on Netflix’s job board to verify.

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    9. Become a Social Media Video Editor

    If you’d prefer a gig that’s more consistent and profitable than some of the platforms listed above, consider becoming a video editor. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for video editors is projected to grow 7% from 2022 to 2032, which is faster than the average for all occupations.

    With the rise of social media, we can’t say we’re surprised by this. Both content creators and brands looking to build their community need video editors.

    You’ll find video editing positions on platforms like Contra, Upwork, Fiverr, and Pangea. According to Indeed, video editors make an average of $23 per hour, although you can expect higher wages in freelance positions.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What are some legitimate ways to get paid for watching videos?

    You can earn money by watching videos on platforms like Swagbucks, KashKick, InboxDollars, TesterUp, and Freecash. These platforms offer compensation for viewing content and providing feedback.

    How much can I expect to earn from platforms like Swagbucks and KashKick?

    Earnings can vary, but as an example, a dedicated Swagbucks user reported earning an average of $3.13 per hour, while users on platforms like TesterUp and Freecash reported earning up to $132 in a week and an average of $12.87 per day, respectively.

    Are there any concerns or drawbacks to using these platforms?

    Some users have reported technical issues such as the platform not tracking their progress accurately. However, responsive customer service teams often address these problems. Additionally, some apps may not be available on all devices, and minimum cashout thresholds can vary.

    What is the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel, and how does it work?

    The Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is an app that collects data on consumer behavior passively as you use your phone. Participants can earn up to $60 per year in gift cards for allowing Nielsen to collect this data.

    Are there more formal job opportunities related to watching videos?

    Yes, there are formal job roles such as content tagging positions with companies like Netflix and video editing gigs, especially for social media content. These roles often offer higher pay and more consistent work compared to ad hoc tasks on platforms.

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