Get Paid to Workout: 9 Apps That Pay You to Exercise

Get Paid to Workout: 9 Apps That Pay You to Exercise

Get Paid to Workout: 9 Apps That Pay You to Exercise

One of the easiest ways to increase your income is to monetize the things you already do. So, if you’re an active person, this may leave you thinking, “How can I get paid to workout?”

Get Paid to Workout: 9 Apps That Pay You to Exercise

    Best for General Activity and Health

    If you’re an active person, walking several thousand steps per day, downloading one of these apps is a great way to monetize your movement.

    1. Sweatcoin (Varies)

    With over 120 million users, Sweatcoin is one of the most popular and well-loved apps for getting paid to exercise. Sweatcoin tracks your steps, which translate into coins — a cryptocurrency you can redeem for prizes within the app.

    Sweatcoin is best for people that walk or run long distances on a frequent basis. If you’re looking for an app to monetize your morning walk to get the mail, this won’t be for you. Every 1,000 steps is roughly 0.95 Sweatcoins, meaning it’ll take you quite some time to accumulate enough to redeem for something decent.

    2. Evidation ($10+ per year)

    Evidation allows you to earn points and redeem cash for actions like walking, sleeping, and biking. The platform tracks your activity through apps like Fitbit, Dexcom, or Apple Health, then leverages the data for research. In return, you’ll earn points — around $10 for every 10,000 points you accumulate.

    It isn’t clear how much you can earn with Evidation, although some users state that they earn around 30 to 35 points per day just for tracking their steps. This equates to roughly $10 per year, but could be significantly higher if participating in other features of the app.

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    3. StepBet (Varies)

    While StepBet does charge a $59.99/year membership fee, you can earn significantly more back. The premise of the platform is to enter “games” of varying lengths. For each game, you’ll bet a specific amount of money and challenge yourself to reach a certain step goal each week.

    If you hit your step goal every week throughout the game, you’re a winner. You’ll split the prize pot with the other winners. If you don’t hit your step goal each week, you’ll lose your bet.

    Earnings are in the form of points, which can be redeemed for future bets within the app or as cash via PayPal.


    4. Winwalk ($20-$25 per year)

    Winwalk is a free Android app (sorry iPhone users) that allows you to monetize your steps. Every 100 steps equals 1 coin, and you’ll need roughly 16,000 coins to redeem for a $10 gift card.

    For reference, if you walk 10,000 steps per day, you’d earn 100 coins per day. At this rate, it’d take you 160 days or roughly 5 and a half months to earn $10. While this isn’t the fastest way to earn cash, it’s a great passive stream of income if you’re an active person.

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    5. Paceline (Varies)

    Paceline is another well-loved platform for monetizing exercise, with over 4.8 stars in the Apple App Store. If you hit the American Heart Association’s recommendation of 150 minutes of exercise per week, you’ll earn Paceline points. You’ll also be able to earn additional points via other health-related activities.

    According to their Help Center, you can earn up to 1,500 Paceline points per week. It isn’t clear how much these points equal, but many users say they’re able to earn enough to cover a coffee here and there each month.


    6. Rover and 7. Wag! ($17+ per hour)

    If you’re looking for a more profitable way to monetize your exercise, consider signing up for Rover or Wag! — two of the most popular dog walking platforms. While slightly different from the other platforms we’ve listed, walking dogs is exercise. Plus, it's much more profitable, earning you around $17 per hour, on average.

    Best for Weight Loss

    If you’re more focused on weight loss, as opposed to general step count, one of the following apps may be better suited for you.

    8. HealthyWage (Up to $10,000)

    HealthyWage, a platform backed by fitness expert and coach from the Biggest Loser Jillian Michaels, is the ultimate weight loss motivator. The app allows you to bet on yourself, earning up to $10,000 cash if you win.

    Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be prompted to enter your stats — like how much you weigh now and what you’re hoping to lose. You’ll receive prize offers and can select the one you’d like to bet on.

    If you lose the weight within the given timeframe, you’ll earn the cash prize. Weigh-out windows happen every two weeks, giving you several opportunities to win.

    9. DietBet ($7,000+)

    DietBet is similar to HealthyWage — you bet on your weight loss journey. The major difference is the cost and length of the program. DietBet is $40 per month for six months, and you’ll need to submit monthly check-ins throughout the challenge. This is ideal for people that need or desire the motivation and accountability.

    You’ll also have the ability to chat with other players and view their photos — if they opt in to share them — which can create a sense of community and strengthen motivation. At the time of writing, the current challenge has a $7,320 prize pot with 35 players.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How Can I Make Money at the Gym?

    WayBetter, the platform behind DietBet, offers other challenges better suited for weightlifters, as opposed to those focused on losing weight.  For example, their current Work Out Your Way challenge allows you to bet on consistently working out four times per week for at least 30 minutes per day. If you win, you’d split the pot of over $4,900 with fellow winners.

    Is There an App That Pays You to Run?

    Runtopia is a great option, as it allows you to earn SPC coins — the platform’s currency — in exchange for tracking your steps. Coins can be redeemed for sports gear, prizes, and services within the app.

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