Pics from the great Rocky Mountains, Colorado

34 thoughts on “Pics from the great Rocky Mountains, Colorado”

  1. I was disappointed to read that there wasn’t a Friday Feast, but the beautiful pictures of Colorado are worthy of today’s post. I love Colorado. Such a picturesque, majestic state. Thanks for sharing, Steve.

  2. Awesome pictures! I loved the one of the storm rolling in at night – really cool!

    We visited RMNP in 2011 and it’s awesome. Unfortunately we were only there for one day and that’s not enough. Will definitely be back someday!

  3. Love the photos…just Wow!! New to ready your blog, but am excited to read about how you made your plan work. What type of camera did you take these with? Looking forward to following your adventure.

    1. Thanks Beach Bum, appreciate you dropping by. I use a Sony A6000 and the Sony 18-105 f/4 the large majority of the time. Nice little camera for the most part; lightweight and easy to pack with you. Poor battery life, so I always have an extra battery with me!

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