Achieving your Permanent Paradise

10 thoughts on “Achieving your Permanent Paradise”

  1. Great article!

    I’ve been to paradise islands with my parents before, I remember the first time, I was 16.
    I’ve seen great beaches like the ones on this picture, but I couldn’t ignore the obvious poverty and “everyone trying to make a quick buck” in those touristy places.

    The picture looks awesome… but at some point you realize you’re paying for the privilege of keeping “normal people” out (which always sounded to me as an “evil” use for money).

    I decided at that age that the “travel” I would do in the future would try as much as possible to live the actual life of normal people. I ended up living in 3 different countries, on 3 continents, and I feel I have “seen” much more than people who travel to many different country for 2 weeks each, different country every year.

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