How my wife and I are flying to Glacier National Park for $11.20 each

12 thoughts on “How my wife and I are flying to Glacier National Park for $11.20 each”

  1. I work at a .com that works with this subject A LOT and I am always impressed at the level of knowledge my co-workers have. They are able to travel, get hotels, miles, etc. all on credit card rewards points. It is amazing what a little bit of extra work and manufactured spend can get you! Good work, that is one heck of a deal – thinking about how much you saved must have made that trip even sweeter!

    1. Credit card rewards can be an incredible asset, and really, it isn’t all that tough to do. The most difficult part is keeping track of exactly what you need to spend on each card, and by when. So long as you aren’t spending additional money for the sake of rewards points, one can find themselves taking advantage of far more cheap deals that more than makes up for the time it took to make it happen.

  2. That is fantastic about your rewards savings. I really vacillated on this when I was debating rewards cards. I eventually decided to go with the Fidelity Rewards b/c of the ability to put that into my retirement savings, but I still find those who use those cards well to be fascinating. Methinks I need to take a lesson or two on this subject.

    1. Yup, we’re doing that exact drive. Haven’t been up that way yet, so it’ll certainly be a new experience for us. We’re definitely looking forward to it.

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