I’ve been hangin’ out over at Medium lately

13 thoughts on “I’ve been hangin’ out over at Medium lately”

  1. Hey Steve,

    It’s ok to branch out and to break your schedule, you are your own boss after all 🙂

    I better check it out that article. I hate working for free with a passion, I like getting paid for every second I work.

    But the blogging world seems a little different…still trying to figure out this thing.

    99to1percent recently posted…How I Paid Off My $40K Student Loans Before Graduating Plus kickass student loans payoff stories from other money nerds

  2. I love this and I couldn’t agree with you more. There is only so much money and frugality I can write about before no one care so (including myself) how much money I saved on toilet paper this week. I’ve also started widening my scope by dabbling with a little lifestyle stuff. So far, no one has complained.

    I’m definitely going to check out Medium. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  3. I’ll have to send you an email. 🙂 But yeah, I’ve been reading a lot of different stuff too (and writing). I feel like I’ve hit a wall with talking about money. I’ve been kind of in an introspective mood for the last 3 months. I’m reading a book on stoicism. It’s good to mix it up!

  4. Hey man, don’t be intruding on my Tues publication schedule. Go read Medium or something. Tee hee. Gotta say, that “5 exploratory writing exercises” intrigues me. Think I’ll head over to Medium and check it out…. Great post, and a good reminder that we should all stretch our minds.

  5. There are only so many ways to say “save more money than you spend”. I like to believe that we have more dimensions to us than the one that starts with a “$”. Thanks for reminding us, Steve.

  6. Oh snap! And here I thought it was Friday already…oh well.

    Medium is great. My cousin writes a lot over there and turned me onto it a year ago. She is way more creative and an exponentially better writer than me. So yeah, Medium gets street cred in my books.

    Creativity is often spawned by the different. Breaking habits. Reading new things. Walking in a new part of town. So get out there and be creative while spit ballin.

  7. Reddit is my medium of choice (ha! I can be punny too). I love the variety on there – I can read, watch gifs or videos, drool over /r/dataisbeautiful. I also enjoy how one minute I can be uplifted, or learn something fascinating and the next I can be down some random dark rabbit hole of weirdness.

  8. Hey Steve, personally I like Medium a lot. They have many different types of articles for you to follow. They also state roughly how long it will take you to read the article, which I find useful because if I only have 5mins, I’m not going to be reading a 13mins article. Nowadays I always start my day by reading a few articles on Medium!

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