I've been hangin' out over at Medium lately

I've been hangin' out over at Medium lately

I've been hangin' out over at Medium lately

I've been hangin' out over at Medium lately
    I've been spending time doing something a little different the past several days. Instead of continuing my headlong dive into personal finance blogs and reading about money, I've been hangin' on Medium. Reading about un-finance stuff.

    Like creativity, for example. If you haven't flipped through the pages of the Medium creativity section, take the opportunity. You'll see some seriously...well, creative stuff. Different. And, that's the primary reason why I'm finding myself branching out lately with my online reading.

    I need something different. There's only so much money, personal finance and financial independence that I can write and read about. And, I've found one of the best ways to expand your horizons, not to mention your audience, is to get involved with other "mediums" - pun intended, but not really intended. It just kinda worked out that way this time.

    Here, check out the featured articles from Monday, November 13th:

    Screenshot of Medium's "Creative" section

    Alright, now we're talkin'. Nothing about money. Nothing about 5 wickedly awesome ways to save money this holiday season. None of that shit.

    Different writers than I'm used to. Different perspectives. New ideas and something else to consider as I make the rounds around the web for some inspiring content that makes me want to create.

    For example, my eyes were immediately drawn to the "Working For Free Is Not An Opportunity" article, and I loved it. Loved it so much that I posted about it on Twitter - and when I post on Twitter, you know it's badass. :)

    My favorite part of Jon's article? Yeah, you guessed it. The cursing part:

    "Motherfucker, I don’t need exposure. Motherfucker, I need cheques."

    Not sure why he spelled "checks" wrong, though.  ;) [Kidding!!!]

    And, he's right. I've done a TON of free work in my lifetime. Partly, it's probably because I wasn't confident enough in my work to actually charge someone else for it. But, I've gotten to the point in my life where confidence is no longer a problem, and I'm willing to charge not only for the precise work to be done, but also the time I've spent acquiring the skills necessary in order to provide that work. Enough free work.

    But, this post isn't about free work. It's about expanding our horizons a bit outside of whatever we read every day and start looking at new stuff. New authors. New "mediums" (there's that pun again).

    Maybe even a new blog, but over on Medium in an effort to capture that audience as well as the audience here, through this little blogie thing I called ThinkSaveRetire.com.

    I don't know, just spitballin', here. But, that's the point. Did you notice that I posted this article on Tuesday? Tuesday?!? I have a Monday, Wednesday and sometimes Friday posting schedule. I broke free of my routine and posted an article on Tuesday? Yeah, cause...why not. The hell with schedules.

    Spitball, baby. And, just be different.


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