How To Start Your Own Money Blog


How To Start Your Own Money Blog is a course specifically designed for money bloggers– both current bloggers as well as those who aspire to start writing about money. In 7 days, we discuss the topics that money bloggers care about most, all delivered nice and quietly to your inbox every day.
And best of all, it’s 100% free. No money required. You keep it.

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In 7 days, we talk about topics like:

  • Setting the Foundation – Including how to name your blog; names are more important than some might think.
  • Building the Foundation – Finding a service out there to host your blog, including specific recommendations.
  • WordPress! – WordPress is the most popular content management system out there, for good reason; I discuss several features that I bet even the most experienced WordPress blogger doesn’t use (or even know about!).
  • Email Lists – Why are email lists so important, and what are some strategies for increasing your email list size?
  • Anonymity vs. Full Disclosure – The pros and cons of revealing yourself on your blog verses keeping your identity under wraps.
  • How to Get People To Read – Building your blog is one thing. But, getting people to actually visit is quite another. We’ll take a look at some strategies bloggers use to both market their blog as well as how to write clear, easy-to-read posts that people actually want to read.
  • Recommendations – All kinds of recommended resources to get you started in your blogging “career”.

It’s simple. Sign up with your name and email address using the form. You’ll immediately get a confirmation email from me, then you’ll receive your first day’s email in about an hour. I’ll throw each day’s email at ya so you can get started learning about what it takes to build your very own money blog.

“But Steve, what if I already have a money blog?” Good question. While a lot of this material may not be new to you, some of it might be. I wrote this course specifically with the beginner, as well as experienced blogger, in mind. Believe it or not, you might still learn a thing or two even if you are an experienced money blogger (especially in Day 3 where I talk about WordPress and some of the cool features that I bet you don’t use!).

Is there a money-back guarantee? Well, no. This is a free course. No money-back guarantee with free courses, sorry. I do promise that I tried my very best to provide incredible value in this course. In close to 10,000 words, my goal was to produce an email course that’s easy to go through and, most importantly, easy to learn from.

★ Click here to sign up for How To Start Your Own Money Blog ★