An inspiring story from a Yellowstone geyser

An inspiring story from a Yellowstone geyser

An inspiring story from a Yellowstone geyser

An inspiring story from a Yellowstone geyser

    As I was clamoring around Imperial Geyser in search of the perfect photo vantage point, I caught Tina's eye. She immediately froze and took a second (and third) look. "Do I know you from somewhere?" she asked.

    "Hmm...I don't think so," I replied. But, she did. She knew us, but we didn't know her.

    She's a viewer of our YouTube channel, A Streamin' Life. She recognized this beautiful face and, luckily for us, said something. What truly amazed us, however, was her story. Her story is inspiring, and one that I won't soon forget.

    She wanted a different life

    As we began talking, she revealed her story to us. She lives in a 23' Airstream. About six weeks into her full-time RV adventure, she was sick and tired of her daily grind life in corporate America. The incessant grind. The endless hours in search of promotions, status and the almighty dollar.

    A month and a half ago, she quit her job, bought an RV and set sail across the United States in search of anything.

    When you hear the phrase "the world is your oyster", she's the freaking example. Her plan? Travel the country in search of whatever happens to strike her interest. Once found, she'll plant her feet and start working again. With the right opportunity, working from the road is also a possibility (hell, I do it!). Her story was super inspiring.

    Imagine: You're dissatisfied with your life. Instead of lamenting your problems, you sell everything you have, buy an RV and just drive. Drive anywhere. See the sights. Experience what this amazing country of ours has to offer - things that so many of us never get to see. Searching for...something. Something that grabs hold of you. One of those things that you won't know until you see it.

    Small world as it is, we happened to meet around our favorite geyser in Yellowstone National Park and talk about life, what makes us happy and how amazing it is to live a life of freedom. Of possibilities and, quite frankly, not knowing what's next. But, that's part of the thrill.

    Don't get me wrong - full-time travel isn't the ONLY path toward a life of freedom and possibility. But, it is for her. It also is for my wife and I. We're living it. So is Tina.

    The difference is Tina has more guts than we do.

    To us, her story is far more inspiring than ours because she took a much bigger risk than we did. My wife and I only quit our jobs after we worked grueling jobs and accumulated a bunch of cash. She, on the other hand, quit her job well before all that cash. That takes guts.

    Selling everything and buying an RV takes even more guts.

    I am inspired that there are people out there willing to take that giant step toward something different. Toward a different life. She had had enough, and that was it of her life of the same ol', same ol'.

    Do you have an inspiring story? Let's hear it. It doesn't need to involve RVing or travel. Anything inspiration, I wanna read about it!


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