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How to Retire

Unhappy in early retirement? 7 things to try before you even think of going back to work.

Seven simple steps for beating “retirement remorse”
Dec 27, 2019·9 min read
How to Save

Why you should aim for financial independence, even if you don't plan to retire early

Interested in the FIRE movement but not sure about early retirement? Learn about financial independence without focusing on retirement!
Nov 4, 2019·6 min read
How to Save

4 ways to find what makes you happy and improve your relationship with money

Does your current budget make you happy? If not, do you know how it could? Living your best life is all about how you plan your resources.
Oct 29, 2019·7 min read
How to Think

What will make you happier: retiring early or never retiring at all?

What's the difference between people who retire early and who never retire? The answer is actually pretty complicated.
Oct 17, 2019·10 min read
How to Retire

What does it mean to retire early vs. retire from full-time work?

Unlike retiring in your 60s, early retirement isn't about stopping or slowing down. People who retire younger end up doing even more.
Oct 15, 2019·5 min read

Going from IT to the Outdoors: The Ultimate Digital Nomad Starter Kit

You can make money outside of an office or a house. Here's everything you need to know about becoming a digital nomad.
Oct 9, 2019·8 min read

Stop believing privilege is the key to early retirement

When it comes to early retirement, is it luck or good decision-making that ultimately enables the option to quit the rat race early?
Jun 13, 2019·9 min read
Change Your Life

Your complete guide to mastering your early retirement

If you're researching early retirement, this is a fantastic place to start. Check out our complete guide to retiring early!
May 2, 2019·8 min read
Change Your Life

I need to stop fretting about the market and live for today

A few weeks ago, I got an email from someone who just read my newsletter about the passing of Jack Bogle. In the email, I reflected on some of the growth strategies that I'm employing this year. I'm talking about things like: * We will continue to invest our income (which turned into way more than I ever imagined possible in 2018) with index funds * We are building RV and travel-related courses
Mar 21, 2019·3 min read
Change Your Life

Early retirement explained

Early retirement has become a thing. And, it turned into more than just a thing for me. After retiring at 35, it’s a way of life. It’s become reality.
Jan 22, 2019·13 min read
In Retirement

How to squeak out positivity after losing a bunch of cash

Today, I logged into our Personal Capital account to look at how much money we've lost after the recent market downturn, and it was about what I was expected. We're down about $110,000 from the highs of the market earlier in the year. And, there are two ways to react to something like this: * Negative: "Oh, damn! We've lost around 8% of our entire net worth in just the last month! This sucks, man. Maybe we are too heavily invested in the
Dec 27, 2018·5 min read
Change Your Life

What key principles do you live by to get wealthy?

I was browsing through Quora the other day and stumbled on a thread about how people became wealthy . The answers were insightful, but one answer got lodged in my head and wouldn't leave. This answer was written by a guy named Jason. He is only 36 years old (a year younger than yours truly), but his answer was super interesting and I can't help but re-post his answer here for you good people. You probably have your own financial pri
Dec 13, 2018·5 min read