Hey everyone and happy weekend! Today, I would like to officially announce the introduction of a new companion blog to ThinkSaveRetire that takes a look at early retirement, financial and lifestyle topics in very succinct and direct 10-item blog posts.

The Power of 10 and the 10 of SpadesFor example, 10 ways to survive the winter blues, 10 reasons why financial independence is popular, 10 things not to say in the office. You get the idea! It’s blogging about life, elevated to the power of 10.

The blog’s name? It is called The Power of 10.  Take a look if the idea strikes your fancy!


I want this to be a community effort!

My intent for this blog is to make it more of a community effort rather than another blog that I own. I am ready and willing to link directly to content on other blogs, re-post a portion of external content with a link to the original source and anything else that helps drive traffic around the idea of 10-item blog posts to totally level up your life.

Also, I am always looking for writers who would like to contribute their ideas to the new blog. I cannot offer financial compensation for contributions, but I certainly do offer links back to the author’s blog (and, where appropriate, within the body of the article).

If you would like to contribute, visit the contribution page over on The Power of 10 to get started. It’s simple – you fill out the form, I read it and probably say “Yes, please do!” to your idea for a blog post.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the weekend.