This week, the sale of my home became official, marking the point where my wife and I are 100% debt free, including mortgages, car payments, credit cards and everything else. We’re done with payments, for good.

And honestly, I thought that I’d be a little more excited. I mean, just look at our Personal Capital net worth graph. What’s not to like about that surge?

Personal Capital net worth surge
Personal Capital net worth surge

I mean, I AM excited. I’m absolutely thrilled to finally be done with the whole homeowner thing, but there wasn’t that final climactic “sigh…” moment similar to what you might feel after finally getting through that hour long mind-numbing company meeting about ethics and values.

You know, that feeling you get after you totally rock that super important presentation (designed in PowerPoint, of course) at work? Or jumping up and down like a school girl because you got that birthday gift you always wanted as a child? Yeah, that shit.

I guess it’s there to a degree, but it’s not exactly overwhelming me. Maybe it’s because I saw it coming. We’ve planned for this. We expected it. We worked our ass off to make this happen, and now it’s finally here. It was not exactly a surprise.

But still, it feels strange to not be a little more excited about being debt free.

I gotta wonder – is this the way it’ll feel after working my last day, hopefully forever, at a full-time job in December? Or, maybe that excitement will just get pushed off until the following Monday morning. A former work day.

If you are debt free, were you giddy the day it happened? If you aren’t yet debt free, do you anticipate the school girl jumps once it does happen?

I somehow feel this photo relates, but I'm not sure how!
I somehow feel this photo relates, but I’m not sure how!