What Is Lady Gaga’s Net Worth in 2024?

What Is Lady Gaga’s Net Worth in 2024?

See how much Gaga is worth and how she spends her fortune.

What Is Lady Gaga’s Net Worth in 2024?

    Lady Gaga has always stood out.

    It may have started with her incredible costumes, but she has continued to distinguish herself throughout her career and how she uses her platform and money.

    Lady Gaga is an accomplished singer, songwriter, actor, and business person. Her income comes from multiple endeavors, and she is impressive on her own.

    Beyond these accomplishments, she works to make the world a better place. Her song Born This Way and her foundation of the same name perhaps best encapsulate Lady Gaga’s commitment to creating a world that celebrates expression and all identities. Her Born This Way Foundation focuses on supporting mental health for youth.

    What is Lady Gaga’s net worth in 2024?

    Lady Gaga’s net worth in 2024 is an estimated $320 million.

    Lady Gaga was included on Forbes’ 2020 list of richest self-made women and its list of high-paid celebrities. Below, we’ll explore the ways Lady Gaga has accumulated this wealth and how she spends her money.

    How did Lady Gaga make her money?

    Lady Gaga began her lucrative career as a singer and a songwriter. While music and performance continue to be important income sources, she has also turned to other endeavors like acting, brand endorsements, and even founding a make-up company Our Haus.

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    Musical career

    Lady Gaga skyrocketed to fame with her first single in 2008: Just Dance. Since then, she’s created 36 more singles like “Pokerface” and “Paparazzi”. People estimate that she’s earned $80.5 million from her singles alone.

    She has also released five solo studio albums. These albums have also done well. Her latest album Chromatica was released in 2020 and sold 1 million copies.

    In addition to single and album sales, Lady Gaga has done Las Vegas residencies and tours around the world. With her Born This Way and Monster Ball tour combined, she’s earned $394 million.

    Lady Gaga is doing another Las Vegas residency this year. Her first Las Vegas residency was lucrative: she made an estimated $74 million.

    Acting career

    Lady Gaga played staring roles in recent films like A Star Is Born and House of Gucci. She is said to have earned an estimated $5-$10 million from A Star In Born. Earnings from her role in House of Gucci are unclear, though the movie did well at the box office — $154.7 million.

    However, her acting career didn’t start with these roles. She first starred in American Horror Story. She also made a few appearances in the series’ spin-off: American Horror Story Roanoke. She made an estimated $1.95 million from these appearances.


    Lady Gaga has worked with many different brands from beats headphones and Versace to Google Chrome and Oreo.

    Some of her endorsements have been specific to her. After promoting Beats Headphones, she worked with them to create and promote a line of headphones for Lady Gaga called “Heartbeats by Lady Gaga.”

    Recently, Oreo created a limited edition cookie to correspond with her latest album release Chromatica. Dom Perignon also used music from Chromatica in an ad and made a video with Lady Gaga.

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    Lady Gaga has also gotten into the beauty industry. She worked with Coty to create and sell two fragrances. These fragrances are estimated to have done over $1 billion in sales.

    She also founded Our Haus, which is an inclusive, vegan make-up brand. It made an estimated $141 million in 2020, falling as the third highest sales from celebrity make-up brands in 2020.

    How does Lady Gaga spend her money?

    It may surprise some to learn that early in her career, she was $3 million in debt and was bankrupt. However, she continued her career, paid her debts, and has an incredible net worth today.

    Lady Gaga spends money on her lifestyle and collecting. She also spends money on her family and makes charitable donations.

    Homes, family, and pets

    Lady Gaga owns a $22.5 million estate in Malibu complete with a pool, stables, and a bowling alley. She also owns an apartment in London and a $30 million townhouse in Chelsea.

    Lady Gaga has also purchased gifts for her parents, including a Rolls-Royce. She was also generous enough to pay for a medical procedure for her father.

    She owns a horse, three French bulldogs, and imported koi fish from Japan.


    Lady Gaga collects cars and Michael Jackson memorabilia.

    Her car collection is impressive. It’s worth an estimated $1.8 million and includes a 1969 Chevrolet Nova SS.

    Lady Gaga has 55 items that were Michael Jackson’s, including his crystal glove. Her collection is valued at over $1 million.

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    Lady Gaga is motivated to make the world a better place. Nothing speaks more to that than her donations and fundraising work. She has donated money prolifically— at least 76 nonprofits have benefited from her philanthropy.

    Her foundation Born This Way Foundation focuses on youth empowerment. She also supports LGBTQ rights and Black Lives Matter.

    In response to COVID-19, she helped raise $130 million for relief through a virtual concert “One World: Together at Home” that she helped organize.

    From creating music and a make-up brand that celebrate identity to supporting and donating to causes that empower people, Lady Gaga uses her platform to help others broadly.

    When it comes to finances, Lady Gaga was able to recover from bankruptcy and move on financially. Financial mistakes don’t have to define you. Instead, you can address them, learn from them, and move forward.

    Lady Gaga’s charitable donations also show that it’s not money that matters, but what it can do. She’s used her money and influence for the benefit of others through her foundation and most recently to provide COVID-19 relief.

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