Make cheap, kick-butt picture frames that look like clipboards

10 thoughts on “Make cheap, kick-butt picture frames that look like clipboards”

  1. Excellent idea to make a froma for photos. I will consider this for a mother-in-law gift. She likes pictures of our family. we can then print a bunch and she can frame whatever she likes most at any given time

    1. Exactly – the flexibility to switch out photos on a whim is a nice little side benefit to these inexpensive, but good lookin’, little picture frames.

  2. Love this idea, and the result doesn’t look like “DIY craft” at all. We have been trying to make gifts for friends and family instead of buying them, and our talents lie in linocut printmaking. So we can make the gift part for very little, but then have to shell out for the matte and frame each time. Love your idea as both a cheaper solution, and a way to make the gift 100% homemade! Have you found that the stain from the wood leaches onto the photo paper at all? Wondering if it would be good for prints on absorbent paper to put a poly of some sort over the stain, to avoid it bleeding over time?

    1. No, we haven’t found that the stain leaches onto the wood at all. Of course, we did wait until the wood was completely dry before we attached the hanging hardware and clipped the picture on. We made this about a month ago so I can’t yet speak to any bleeding over time. I will say, though, that so far, so good! 🙂

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my wife is going to love this! Thank you!

    One quick add.. she likes to put photos in mason jars (those things are good for everything aren’t they?) in an artistic kind of way to display… sounds weird but it looks pretty cool.

  4. That is a great idea! Next time I am decorating (which likely means next time I move), I am totally going to remember this trick. I love being able to switch out art and photos to inexpensively freshen up décor – and this will make it even easier!

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