Money Mozart guest post: Writing Your Retirement Letter

Published January 28, 2016   Posted in My Guest Posts

pinterest-retirement-letter-guest-postHappy Thursday everyone! I have a treat for you fine people! Today I come to you with a guest post I wrote for the wonderful Money Mozart blog about how to write your retirement letter, a process that may seem easy and straightforward but, in reality, takes some serious guts to pull off.

For example, do you tell your boss that you’re retiring, or simply “leaving your job”? Do you leave the door open for future work or walk out like you’ll never speak to any of those people ever again? Will you be professional or go out with a bang, like my fictitious resignation letter?

I talk about all these things, along with the crucial elements that should be included in your letter. Also, I offer up three sample letters to get you started with writing own. This was a fun guest post to write.

Remember, have fun with your letter. It truly is your mission accomplished statement.


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2 responses to “Money Mozart guest post: Writing Your Retirement Letter”

  1. Jack says:

    Leaving saying you are going to travel seems an easier way out, since it is a project anyone (retiring or not) could want to achieve. When I leave in two years, my wife and I are going to travel for at least 6 months. So I intend to use that project as my reason to quit. It is mainly to avoid too many questions from colleagues as I am not that comfortable with the idea of explaining my early retirement to everyone.

    • Steve says:

      I tend to agree, Jack – leaving to travel is a much more level way to end your relationship with your former company. I will report back on the blog what happens when I do finally broach the subject! 🙂

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