As many of you probably know, but only because I’ve been bragging about it incessantly (like here and on our Twitter account), my wife and I will be taking a trip to upstate Montana for a week to visit one of the most beautiful and scenic locations on the face of the earth: Glacier National Park.

It’s also my birthday, so yeah, why the hell not go all out on a vacation like this?

Pay attention to our companion web site over at (previously Think, Save, Explore) for photography and video, and we also signed up for an Instagram account so we can instantly post whatever stunningly beautiful, unique or downright weird thing is right in front of us.

We’re gonna kill it on this vacation.  At least…that’s the plan.

Lots of hiking.  Lots of photography.  Even lots of video.  Getting in touch with a truly unique locale that many of us in the great American desert southwest do not often get to experience.  Yeah, I’m talking TREES.  And pleasant temperatures in the summertime.  Imagine that.

While we’re gone, I have an excellent guest post from Chris at that will run on Thursday.  Chris talks about finding your permanent paradise and arranging your life so you keep constant focus on what truly makes you happy in life.  Find that paradise and freaking go for it!

Speaking of paradise, landscape like Glacier National Park is definitely my permanent paradise, and I am sure that our trip up to Montana this week will only reinvigorate our drive towards financial independence and early retirement (which may now be in 2017 rather than 2018).

That’s it, folks!  Enjoy your week – I know my wife and I will definitely be enjoying ours.  Keep your eye on the prize and your feet on the ground.

Enjoy your ride.

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