Early retirement

What's Your Personal Definition of Retirement?

Your personal definition of retirement says a lot about you.
Mar 11·3 min read
side hustle

How to Use a Side Hustle to Advance Your Career

Have you ever considered the idea that your side hustle could help your career move forward? Here's how.
Mar 9·8 min read

Tax Filing Cheat Sheet: 18 Side Hustle Business Expenses You Can Deduct

Having your own business is awesome, but if you aren't paying attention, your side hustle could end up costing you. With these tips, you can minimize your financial burdens during tax season.
Mar 6·8 min read

How Can You Plan Now to Pay Less Taxes in Retirement?

It is likely that the tax rate will increase again by 2025. Instead of being caught off guard, start planning now to pay fewer taxes in retirement by taking a few important steps.
Mar 5·7 min read
How to Save

18 Free or Cheap Things You’re Probably Overpaying For

Even if you're already a frugal person, it can be hard to find new ways to save money. We've identified 18 free or cheap things that you might already be overpaying for.
Feb 28·7 min read
Blogger Confessions

Blogger Confessions #50: Erin from MissFinFree

Hear from Erin from MissFinFree about her journey in personal finance blogging!
Feb 27·5 min read
Saving money

[No B.S. Guide] How to Save Money for Your Kids and Teach Them About Finance

A dollar saved is a dollar earned as the old saying goes. But how do you get started teaching your children how to save?
Feb 25·5 min read
Early retirement

Do You Really Want to Retire Early, or is the Problem Your Boss?

Time for a new job or time to retire early? Think about whether the problem is really with your boss
Feb 24·6 min read
How to Save

The Road to Retiring Early as a Freelancer

The road to retiring early as a freelancer can be bumpy, but we have a road map to help along the way.
Feb 21·5 min read
Save Money

Cheap Car Insurance: How to Get Affordable Auto Insurance Rates

Thousands of people are overpaying for their car insurance each year without even knowing it. Are you one of them?
Feb 21·7 min read