Telehealth Services Review: MedCierge helps you save money on medical bills from home

Telehealth Services Review: MedCierge helps you save money on medical bills from home

Finding the right telehealth solution doesn’t have to be hard. Learn how you can manage your health and save money with MedCierge.

Telehealth Services Review: MedCierge helps you save money on medical bills from home

    In times of medical and fiscal uncertainty, finding the resources you need can be overwhelming. It’s hard to tell where to start when you have a health question, or a question about a medical bill. That’s where telehealth services come in.

    What are telehealth services?

    Telehealth is an all encompassing term used to describe the use of telecommunication technology to provide medical services remotely. Telehealth services can include things like clinical healthcare, remote monitoring of vitals, transmission of health related educational materials, and more.

    One telehealth provider option is MedCierge. With a MedCierge subscription you can talk to health professionals, medical advocates, pharmacists and cost analysts in one place. At first we were skeptical, but decided to speak with the MedCierge team about what they offer, and whether this is all too good to be true. Here’s what they said..

    What is MedCierge?

    MedCierge is a mobile app that puts all the live healthcare experts you need right at your fingertips. It’s the simplest way to get the help you need, when you need it, to avoid being a victim of the system. Our services are all selected to be complementary and provide savings and support in just about any healthcare situation. From the primary care provided by telemedicine to the ability to know the cost of a surgery in advance, MedCierge provides solutions across the spectrum of medical care from routine to catastrophic.

    Advocates speak healthcare and know the system so they can get things resolved much more effectively.

    What is the difference between telehealth and telemedicine?

    Telemedicine deals specifically with remote clinical services, such as a live doctor or nurse consultation, while telehealth covers a broad range of electronic communication services that are intended to provide medical care from afar.

    What services does MedCierge offer?

    A MedCierge subscription includes access to these services:

    Talk-To-A-Doc: Free access, 24/7, to licensed medical professionals for common issues like; cold and flu symptoms, sinus infections, stomach issues and more. No travel. No waiting rooms.

    My Advocate: Have an advocate on your side to help resolve confusing medical bills, negotiate claims, answer benefits questions, find providers and coordinate care for you.

    Smart Pharmacy: Easy access to GoodRx to save up to 85% at thousands of pharmacies including Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Rite Aid and CVS

    Price Shopper: Because healthcare systems can get messy and confusing, the typical consumer can end up paying over 20 times more for the same care, within the same network! MedCierge offers experts who can find the cost ahead of time and help you avoid overpaying. Average savings is over $1,400.

    Scan Saver: Save up to 75% on imaging/scans. Counselors access thousands of imaging centers nationwide to find the best deal near you and even schedule the appointment for you.

    How much does MedCierge cost?

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, MedCierge is making their services available for $15/month (down 25% from $20). Subscribers and their dependents pay no other per-use costs to use MedCierge’s services. There are no limits on use and one subscription covers the whole family.

    What makes MedCierge different from other telehealth options?

    After spending 30+ years as a corporate consultant, MedCierge’s CEO, Marc Riddick, decided to pick the best services he was offering his clients and tie them together into a complete healthcare solution for consumers. The idea was to create a single platform that provided all these services in an easy to use way. That’s why almost every service connects you to a live person.

    There’s no point in giving people DIY solutions in healthcare. People need real people to solve their problems. That was the original nexus of the company.

    MedCierge is the only platform that is designed to help with almost any healthcare event. And we’ve found solutions that anticipate everyday consumer problems. For instance some of our competitors have telemedicine, but they charge $50-65 per use. Our Talk-to-a-Doc service is included in the subscription cost for free and there is no charge per call. That allows our users to connect as many times as they need to for the whole family without worrying about how much it’s adding up to.

    How are you able to offer all of these medical services?

    We have access to the entire marketplace of telemedicine companies. This allows us to handle the scale of demand. All of our telemedicine partners have been operating successfully for over ten years and are as prepared for this situation as they could possibly be. Our service providers cover an umbrella of 40 million users with 10 million solutions per month.

    What do wait times look like when it comes to using MedCierge?

    Oftentimes our subscribers don’t wait more than five minutes. The longest wait I’ve heard recently was 55 minutes when the patient was told they’d receive a call back within the hour. Under normal circumstances, you’ll usually be speaking with a doctor within 3-5 minutes. But keep in mind, you don’t wait on hold. They call you back as soon as a doctor is available.

    How does the Talk-To-A-Doc process work?

    Our telemedicine providers have large populations of medical professionals and they are growing all the time. They include Primary Care, Family Practice, Internal Medicine and PA’s. All are licensed, fully vetted and completely professional. And when they diagnose you, they’re able to call into your preferred pharmacy. You can even use Smart Pharmacy to find the cheapest prescription and have the doctor call it in there.

    The initial conversation is with a nurse to triage your needs. Your consultation is with a board certified physician or physician assistant. You can always request an MD if you prefer.

    What kind of success have you had with the My Advocate program?

    My Advocate is one of the most appreciated services because they solve the problems that are most confusing and frustrating for people. Rather than get bounced around between the hospital and the insurance company over a bill that makes no sense, our users can hand it off to an Advocate and get on with their lives.

    Advocates speak healthcare and know the system so they can get things resolved much more effectively. Then they contact the user to explain everything. They can also help you pick your plan during enrollment, find you a doctor (and even set the appointment), answer questions about your insurance and much more.

    Is this too good to be true?

    No! All of these services have been tested and proven to perform and they are all very efficient. That’s what made it possible to realize our vision of creating a single platform to help with almost any healthcare event and do so at a low cost and high benefit ratio.

    We’ve negotiated preferred rates with our service partners, maintain a low overhead and rely on volume rather than a high monthly rate. We also see our platform as a valuable tool for consumers and we wanted to make it affordable for them. People that truly need help can’t afford apps and services that are out of their price range. MedCierge is the best priced and most complete solution on the market.

    If you need help navigating the healthcare system MedCierge might be the perfect fit for you. Sign up here, and get MedCierge for just $10 with the Think Save Retire special rate.

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