Personal Finance bloggers on Instagram


Personal Finance bloggers on Instagram

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Personal Finance bloggers on Instagram
    Hi all - I thought that I'd burn a weekend post by highlighting some of my favorite Instagram accounts run by personal finance bloggers. You don't often think about Instagram when you're talking personal finance, but today, let's change that!

    For the record (not to mention a shameless plug), I have an Instagram account associated with my sister photo blog, It's where I put up my photography from around the country. It's fun. But, I'm not the only personal financer who uses Instagram.

    Why Instagram? It is a photography-based social media platform. No blog posts. No Wordpress, themes or plugins. It's straight and simple photos, which makes the system unique, easy and fun to use. And if you like photography as much as I do, you'll love scrolling through what people are capturing with their cameras.

    Ready? Let's go!

    Personal Finance bloggers on Instagram

    Here are some of my favorite bloggers who also maintain pretty kickin' Instagram accounts.

    Chris Istace (Web Site)

    Wow, Chris is an awesome photographer. As a bit of a photog myself, I admire and appreciate his natural photographic abilities and love following his journey.

    Our Next Life (Web Site)

    These folks are totally kicking ass on the personal finance front and are avid (avid!) winter sportsters.

    The Happy Philosopher (Web Site)

    One of my favorite adventurers, this guy knows how to have fun and experience everything that this world has to offer. And, I love his sand castles, too.

    The Retirement Manifesto (Web Site)

    If you love a good personal finance quote as much as I do, follow the Retirement Manifesto on Instagram. Here's one of my favorites from his postings.

    Hotels And Money (Web Site)

    Hotels and Money has a little bit of everything for ya, from family, to travel and, yes, some personal finance gems as well. And don't we all love Sheldon.

    A Journey We Love (Web Site)

    Mainly a family and travel Instagram, and they definitely go to some very, very interesting places.

    Making Sense of Cents (Web Site)

    Michelle is one hell of an adventurer and a master at making money online. Her blog is a wealth of information and her Instagram account is truly inspiring.

    Go Curry Cracker (Web Site)

    Go Curry Cracker is a world traveler extraordinaire. A beast at living on the cheap overseas and, quite frankly, a master at money and frugal living.

    Frugal Cop is a true inspiration!

    As a gym rat and former 250-pound dude, I'm truly impressed and inspired by his transformation. With enough discipline and motivation, almost anything is possible in this world. Do you want it bad enough?

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