Receipt Hog App Review 2024: Why It Isn't Worth It

Receipt Hog App Review 2024: Why It Isn't Worth It

Receipt Hog App Review 2024: Why It Isn't Worth It

We’ll cut to the chase: Receipt Hog is not our favorite. In our experience, it takes a lot of receipts to earn even a couple bucks, which likely isn’t worth your time. You’d be better off scanning receipts into Fetch or Ibotta instead.

Receipt Hog App Review 2024: Why It Isn't Worth It
    No hidden fees

    We entered this review hopeful, but Receipt Hog fell flat. While the app is user-friendly and can’t hurt to use, we found the cashback rates to be a major let down.

    Receipt Hog earned the following reviews:

    • 4.7 Stars on the Apple App Store (165,000 reviews)
    • 4.5 Stars on the Google Play Store (218,000 reviews)
    • 3.4 Stars on TrustPilot (297 reviews)
    • 2.5 Stars on Think Save Retire

    What We Love

    First, there were a couple things we enjoyed.

    Free to Use

    Receipt Hog is completely free to download and use. You’ll never encounter a fee.

    Several Ways to Earn

    Unlike other receipt apps, which only allow you to earn via receipt scanning, Receipt Hog allows you to earn from surveys, playing the Hog Slots — your daily chance to win coins — and connecting your email and Amazon accounts.

    Receipt Hog app sign up

    What We Don’t Love

    Oh, the downsides.

    You Won’t See Rewards Right Away

    Unlike cashback apps like Fetch, you won’t see how many coins you earn from scanning in a receipt until it’s been processed, which can take up to seven days. I will say, the receipt I scanned did process within five minutes, but it isn't instant like Fetch, and this timeframe likely isn’t the case for all receipts.

    Receipt Hog Rewards

    Cashback Rates are Low

    After scanning in a $265 Walmart receipt, I was surprised to see I only earned 20 coins. The purchases were primarily groceries, which often earn me much larger amounts of cashback on Fetch and Ibotta.

    Given that you’ll need 1,000 coins to cash out for $5, the 20 coins I earned are worth around $0.10. If I made a similar grocery trip each week and continued to earn 20 coins per receipt, it would take me 50 weeks to hit $5 in cashback. That is…abysmal.

    For reference, I scanned the same receipt into Fetch and earned 1,837 points, worth around $1.10 in cashback. When scanned into Ibotta, I earned $3 cashback.

    No Bonuses

    In other receipt scanning apps, you’ll find bonuses on certain stores and items. This allows you to rack up points much quicker. With Receipt Hog, there are no bonuses.

    You’ll earn a specific amount of coins based on the receipt total:

    • Less than $10 → 5 coins
    • $10 to $49.99 → 10 coins
    • $50 to $99.99 → 15 coins
    • $100+ → 20 coins
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    Cash Out Rates are High

    After reading several reviews from users, it seems their main gripe is in relation to the amount of coins needed to cash out. This is fair; I was shocked, too.

    That said, Receipt Hog did release additional ways to earn coins to get you to the threshold faster. Users now have the option to connect Amazon accounts and take surveys for additional coins.

    How to Use Receipt Hog

    Receipt Hog has a simple, quick sign-up process, and it is easy to use. Just follow these steps.

    Download the App

    The Receipt Hog app is available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

    Create an Account

    To create your account, you’ll need:

    • The country you live in
    • Your date of birth
    • Your gender
    • Email address
    • Password

    Scan Receipts

    Whether you shop online or in-person, obtain a copy of your receipt. Scan physical receipts via the receipts tab. For virtual receipts, connect your email account, and Receipt Hog will track your purchases.

    Receipt Hog Email

    Take Surveys

    To receive survey offers, you’ll need to complete the initial demographic survey. This requires you to report basic information like your birthday, marital status, and ethnicity. You’ll earn 30 coins for completing it.

    That said, after completing the initial survey, I was met with the following screen. It’s challenging to say how worthwhile the surveys would be given that we can’t see any

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    Play the Hog Slots

    I will say, the Hog Slots are cleverly named. It’s your chance to win additional coins each day by playing a virtual slot machine. You earn tickets to the Hog Slots when you scan in a receipt from a clothing, home improvement, electronic, or sporting goods store.

    The first time I spun the Hog Slot, I won 15 coins, and the second time I earned five. The third and fourth time, I won nothing, so it appears to vary.

    Cash Out

    Once you’ve hit the minimum withdrawal threshold of 1,000 coins, you’ll have three options to withdraw: Amazon e-gift card, PayPal transaction, or Visa e-gift card. While these options are good, we wish there was an ACH option.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the App Receipt Hog Legitimate?

    Receipt Hog is a legitimate, safe way to earn cashback on receipts.

    How Long Does Receipt Hog Take to Pay Out?

    According to Receipt Hog, it takes seven days to receive your pay out after initiating the redemption request.

    Which Receipt App Pays the Most?

    Apps like Fetch, Ibotta, and Receipt Pal are some of the best cashback apps with better earning potential.

    Does Receipt Hog Give You Money?

    Receipt Hog allows you to earn coins that are redeemable for an Amazon or Visa e-gift card, or via PayPal. While earnings are in the form of coins, they are worth real money once redeemed.

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