Revise and Republish: A killer blog strategy

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  1. I’m still working on creating new content but I definitely would like to do this in the future since like you said there are some articles that I worked really hard on that barely got read early on in my blogging life πŸ™‚

  2. First of all, I’m still loving the site design! I also think this is really solid advice. In undergrad, my first English prof (it’s like I wanted to be broke, huh?) told us that the goal was to improve our writing to the point that we’d look back on each piece we’d written and “think it was shit”. Naturally, I asked her to be my advisor for four years πŸ˜‰ I love when you tackle not just money and blogging, but the craft of writing well, too. Thanks, Steve!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts on the design, Penny! And I like the words of your English prof – and it’s true. If we keep improving, than anything we created in the past will be ripe for improvement as we continue to learn and progress. Thanks for reading!

  3. I haven’t revised and republished anything yet, but I’ve read about it being a good strategy to keep the blog fresh while updating the outdated (posts).

    Before reading about it though, I used to think it was a lazy way to ‘trick’ readers though.

    Most of the re-purposed content I’ve seen in the past didn’t mention a reason why the post was updated, the authors simply changed the date.. I find that very unprofessional, to be honest, regardless of how good the article is.

    1. Thanks Adriana. I think bloggers CAN turn it into a cheap trick, but I don’t think it needs to be. There are more respectable ways to employ this strategy. πŸ™‚

  4. Awesome concept. I’m at 20 months on my blog now and the thought has crossed my mind about revisiting some of my earlier posts. I used a lot of my blog to talk about mortgages and prepayments, but now that we’ve sold our house and are looking at our next living situation, I have some new thoughts and perspectives to provide.

    Thanks for the great idea!

  5. I’m lovin’ the new design! Nice ‘n’ clean. πŸ™‚
    I don’t do revise/republish, and that’s for SEO reasons. You do have to be careful with ‘recycling’ old content because it may be pegged as a duplication by search engines, which won’t index it. So if you do choose to revise/republish, just make sure that you’re revising the hell out of it to the point that large chunks of text aren’t identical to the older version of the post.

    But when I’m in a pinch, I like to use guest posts to buy myself some time lol!

    1. Thanks Mrs. Picky Pincher! Just to be clear, though, there aren’t multiple versions when you republish in this case. The URL is exactly the same. The publishing date changes (as well as whatever content you updated), but search engines shouldn’t see the republished article as a duplicate because it’s effectively the same article, just updated.

      If you’re posting an update or another article with revisions to the first, then I absolutely agree. Change the hell out of it to make sure Google indexes it appropriately.

  6. If done in the right context, I dont think its a bad thing. Like you said, add updates or your current viewpoint to the original. Or repost with some updates an earlier important post that may not have been viewed much at the time. Good idea.

  7. Nice new theme! Good strategy though as my blog still is < 1 year old I will put this on the back burner for now. I have thought often how the stuff I have written even 6 months ago does not reflect who I am today. Writing truly is a reflective process and my blog has helped me grow into (what I hope) is a better version of me.

    1. Thanks for your comment on the theme. Yup, definitely recycle that content you worked so hard to produce when your blog was new. It still has a lot of life left in it. πŸ™‚

  8. Ooh, I shutter whenever I go back and look at some of my old posts. The majority of them I still like, I just get weird about it because I see how much my blogging voice and style has changed. Republishing content with updated info can be helpful. There is another personal finance blogger I follow who does it and I really like reading some of the revised posts she’s had on her site.

    1. Ha! Yup, you and me both. My blogging voice has definitely changed over the years. I used to be shy and concerned about offending people. Now? Yeah, the hell with it. I write what I feel. πŸ™‚

  9. Looking good around here Steve!
    I have some posts that need to be fixed – both with updated content and frankly, the writing was shit. I have started a list that needs to be tackled and this seems like a good strategy. Hope all is well

  10. While I’ve seen it done fairly often, I often wonder if republishing really provides a lot of value for long-time readers. You know, the guys who REALLY love your blog. They’re totally going to recognize the old posts.

    Will that cause them to jump ship for greener pastures? Or, will they give you a “pass” for resting on your laurels.

    1. My feeling is if those readers really love your blog, they will still extract new-found knowledge from updated posts because, like I said, you’re adding to those old posts rather than simply republishing them. New intel. New figures. New…something. It’s not the same post, word-for-word.

      But, I do believe that bloggers should use this technique sparingly so your longer-term blog readers don’t get TOO familiar with your content.

  11. Love the new look, very sleek.
    My blog isn’t even a year old yet, so it is going to be a while before I consider going this route. Useful stuff though, and I’m bookmarking for the future when I am an old and wrinkled and seasoned blogger.

  12. I haven’t republished anything to date, but three months into blogging I went through the trouble of stripping dates off existing content urls and forwarding so I can when necessary in the future.

  13. I almost didn’t click over to the site after reading this post in my email, but I’m glad I did. Nice new look! And strategy too. Although with only 6 months in I’ve got a while before I republish. Always seem to be updating (ahem improving hopefully) though.

  14. Wow these are some great tips. I always wondered when I saw those little footnotes about republishing.

    I think I have some.content that can use this strategy. I just need to make time to get it done.

    1. Do it! At the very least, go back and try to add in links to your newer content in older articles. It helps to keep people around on your site longer.

  15. Glad I found this post! My blog is still new, and I’ve already gone back and updated several of my posts. I have a bad habit of rushing to publish before they’re ready for prime-time because my time is limited. I like your comment about early posts being crap, too. Another reason for updating is that I’m still in the niche-exploration phase, so they needed some tweaking.

    1. Thanks Rybo. Yup, lots of my posts definitely needed tweaking (and some most likely still do). It’s all good, though. It’s a process. πŸ™‚

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