RiverLend Review: Is this a trustworthy lending site?

If you’re like most people, life has taken you by surprise on more than one occasion. Even if you have managed to put aside a bit of money, unexpected bills may suddenly appear. You may need to fund a wedding or a trip, or you might be planning to complete repairs on your home. There is a vast array of reasons you may occasionally need money in a hurry.

Personal loan options, however, are plentiful online. This can make it challenging to figure out which ones you should avoid and which ones are legitimate. Thankfully, RiverLend makes it simple and easy to apply for a personal loan through a well-vetted process that will never leave you uncomfortable.

Below are all the facts you should know:

  1. What kind of company is RiverLend?
  2. How can I use my personal loan from RiverLend?
  3. How is RiverLend different from similar establishments?
  4. If I use RiverLend, will my personal information be safe?
  5. Are there limits on how much I can borrow from RiverLend?
  6. How easy or complicated are the steps to applying for a loan?
  7. What is the timeframe for acquiring a loan from RiverLend?

What kind of company is RiverLend?

RiverLend is one easy place to search for any kind of personal loan. It was designed to eliminate the need to visit multiple websites and make it simple for people who are in a financial pinch to find the right kind of personal loan for their budget and lifestyle. RiverLend works with a long list of lenders to ensure they’re doing everything possible to put you in touch with the services and information you need.

How can I use my personal loan from RiverLend?

By nature, personal loans can be used for essentially any reason. Below are some of the most popular ways people have spent the money they ultimately obtained after visiting RiverLend:

  • Putting a down-payment on a car
  • Handling unexpected household expenses
  • Funding a vacation or wedding
  • Paying off debt

If I use RiverLend will my personal information be safe?

Many people ask this question and you will be pleased to learn that RiverLend is dedicated to staying on top of online security for all customers. Only the lending institution you work with for your loan can access your data. The RiverLend application process can be completed in the privacy of your home!

Are there limits on how much I can borrow through RiverLend?

You are able to apply for a loan of up to $1,500 through RiverLend, but there are no guarantees concerning the dollar amount for which you will end up qualifying. This is because RiverLend is not the actual lender. However, there are multiple options available that allow you to apply for the most suitable amount for your personal needs. Applying for an additional loan is also an option if you find that more funds are needed. This is because there is no cap on how many times you can request a loan at RiverLend.

How easy or complicated are the steps to the loan process?

RiverLend’s application process is simple. All you must do is go through the following steps:

  • Complete an easy, 2-page form with standard information including the amount of money you want to receive, the name of your employer, your credit score, and basic, personal information, such as your Social Security number and date of birth.
  • Use the “submit” button to send the information.
  • Wait for RiverLend to complete a search on your behalf.
  • Select the lender of your choice from among the various options. You will find that the process may even be simpler than driving to your local post office.

What is the timeframe for acquiring a loan through RiverLend?

You can apply on RiverLend in moments. If a good match is discovered and you’re approved, the money may be accessible in less than a day.
Now that you’re familiar with the process, you can visit RiverLend with confidence to search for a personal loan.