Say hello to my little friend! Rockaway Hosting

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  1. Hey Steve – I’ll probably be making a change at the end of my term so I’ll have to consider Rockaway. Is this the web hosting J$ has been teasing for a while or is this a different provider?

    — Jim

  2. Nice work! Now I know who to come to with technical questions. πŸ˜‰

    Having just switched to HTTPS and gone through perma link HELL, I’m glad I’m at least somewhat familiar with website technology. I’ll definitely give Rockaway a good look when I get the itch to switch. Thanks, Steve!

  3. I was very close to going with Rockaway but ended up at Bluehost. So far mostly so good but I think I’m going to be tackling an issue soon that might be related to migration or might be simply the fact that I haven’t done much in 4 years of blog ownership on the technical side (bad blogger! baaaad blogger!!). Rockaway’s migration assistance for $25 was enticing as was their overall rate packages and service offerings.

      1. After getting fed up yesterday with Bluehost, I just migrated over to Rockaway and hope to cancel Bluehost for a refund.

        No errors at Rockaway so far, which is a good sign. πŸ™‚ Very competitive pricing if you’re looking at renewing at your current low cost host.

          1. Yeah tech support was part of it. I got several DB error messages when setting up post-migration and BH support staff mostly disregarded it and said “it’ll work”. Well it didn’t work that well and I started noticing problems. Problems that I don’t have now that I’m fully migrated over to Rockaway πŸ™‚

            Price wise it’s just not that much more vs a cheapo like Bluehost, especially now that I’m generating some revenue and can think in terms of downtime = lost revenue.

            But mostly it’s the frustration factor. I’m paying much less than $100/yr extra to go from the cheap provider to what looks like a much higher quality of service (technical support and technology/hardware). I just want to get back to occasional blogging instead of trying to figure out whether it’s my blog/WP install/plugins/etc breaking my blog or it’s the server backend or DB server causing problems. I’ve been trying to upload photos for a new post for a week and kept hitting tech problems so made the switch and it works flawlessly now at Rockaway.

            At least I’m learning tons about the guts of WP, mySQL, file/data structures etc through the process (always a silver lining…).

          2. You’ve hit squarely on the head why I NEVER do business with oversold cheapo hosting providers any longer. It’s just not worth it. The have SO many customers packed onto those servers, and their tech support reps definitely just want to blow through tickets as fast as humanly possible.

            Welcome to the Rockaway fam, Justin. Glad to see that things are running smoothly for ya thus far.

          3. Yes, it’s frustrating at times. It’s one of those things – 99.5% of the time the cheapo works ok. But the 0.5% of time when things are broken, you’re in blogger purgatory. You don’t know how long you’ll be there and have to suffer until someone else lets you out of the pit. If the ~$50/yr is the difference between starting a blog vs “it’s too expensive” then the cheapos will probably work. But it’s cheap enough to go with quality providers to minimize potential headache in my opinion.

          4. Yup – those hosts are what I would most eloquently describe as “fine”. But, I’ve been going from host to host for the past 13 years of doing stuff online, and “fine” quickly became the same as “too much risk” for me.

          5. Ha ha, yep. I busted my database and crashed my site twice yesterday and I’m pretty sure it was the screwy underpowered DB server causing timeouts in the middle of an operation plus the initial errors during site migration. I’ll gladly pay more than $50/yr to avoid those moments πŸ™‚

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