How I use Buffer to help manage my Twitter account

16 thoughts on “How I use Buffer to help manage my Twitter account”

  1. Hey Steve, coincidentally I just filled my buffer feed for tomorrow when you post notification showed up in my mailbox! 🙂

    Anyhow, I also love using Buffer. It’s super intuitive and helpful with managing tweets and FB posts. BTW, awesome screencast! Which screencast program are you using?

    1. Thanks Michael – believe it or not, I just used Quicktime Player on Mac to record the screencast, which will also capture the audio. It’s a real easy built-in solution and works pretty good.

  2. STEVE! I literally just yesterday wrote down: “January 2016: figure out how to use Buffer to schedule tweets.” How do you read my mind? This was awesome and you made it seem so simple! Thanks for doing the work for me and letting me hit a 2016 goal before the end of the year. Maybe I’ll play around with it after Christmas! (Feedback: I think it was great. It was short and informative – perfect combination!)

  3. Nice screencast. I didn’t realize Buffer Analytics worked without using as the URL shortener.

    Buffer is great! Between Buffer and Revive Old Posts, I can keep my Twitter feed and Facebook page constantly updating with great content, mine and others.

    With their great browser extension and app, I can do all my sharing from my browser, so I rarely have to open the website or app unless I need to massage a message, e.g. adding hashtags.

    1. Thanks Jack, appreciate you taking a look at the screen cast. I agree, Buffer is a really useful app. And with social media, it’s always nice to get some help managing it all! 🙂

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