These 9 apps will pay you just to sign up ($410 total)

These 9 apps will pay you just to sign up ($410 total)

These 9 apps will pay you just to sign up ($410 total)

There are plenty of apps that offer a unique opportunity to earn extra cash by completing various tasks such as completing surveys, watching videos or playing games. While there are a few requirements to get started, many apps will pay you upwards of $20 just for signing up

These 9 apps will pay you just to sign up ($410 total)

    There are plenty of apps that offer a unique opportunity to earn extra cash by completing various tasks such as completing surveys, watching videos or playing games. While there are a few requirements to get started, many apps will pay you between $5 to $20 just for signing up. Yes, you heard that right – free cash, no strings attached! But here's the best part: these apps not only offer sign-up bonuses, but they also allow you to continue earning even more cash through various activities. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to 9 such apps that can help you pocket over $400 – and all it takes is a few minutes of your time. So, let's dive in and start making some money!

    Where to Get Paid Just for Signing up

    If you’re in need of cash, these apps offer you cash just for signing up. For those who really want to make a slash and earn $300, we added an offer from Chase Bank just for you.

    1. Tada + $15.00 Welcome Bonus

    What is Tada? This site will offer cash back at some of your favorite websites plus a $10 Cash Back Bonus on your first order! Add Tada to Chrome or download the Tada app for easy on the go shopping. Just click Activate Cash Back wherever you shop for instant rewards. Getting started is easy, three simple steps and you are in.

    Tada Welcome Bonus

    2. Inbox Dollars + $5.00 Bonus

    Inbox Dollars has Over $80 Million in Cash Rewards Paid to their customers. This is a legit opportunity to earn some extra cash. Here are a few ways;

    Surveys: InboxDollars offers various online surveys on a wide range of topics, including consumer products, entertainment, technology, and more. You can earn cash rewards for completing these surveys. The length and payout of each survey may vary.

    Watching Videos: InboxDollars provides opportunities to earn cash by watching short video clips, movie trailers, or advertisements. Simply watch the videos provided on the platform, and you'll earn cash rewards for your time.

    Playing Games: InboxDollars offers cash rewards for playing select online games through their platform. While playing these games, you can earn cash or progress towards sweepstakes entries or other rewards.

    Check out our full review right here!

    Inbox dollars Sign Up

    3. Acorns + $5.00 Bonus Investment

    Acorns is a revolutionary financial app designed to help individuals effortlessly invest their spare change and grow their wealth over time. Founded in 2012 by Walter Cruttenden and Jeff Cruttenden, Acorns simplifies the investment process by rounding up everyday purchases to the nearest dollar and automatically investing the spare change into a diversified portfolio. What else does Acorns offer? In addition to round-ups, users can set up recurring investments to grow their portfolios even faster. Acorns partners with various brands, and when users shop with these partners, they earn cashback cashback deposited directly into their Acorns account, which is then invested. This is their Found Money product.

    Acorns Welcome bonus

    4. Chase Checking Account + $300.00 Promotion

    This is a top rated bank and as a new Chase checking customer, when you open a Chase Total Checking account and make direct deposits totaling $500 or more within 90 days of coupon enrollment you will obtain your $300 promotion. Pretty sweet deal! With their commitment to innovation, customer service, and financial solutions, Chase has been a pillar in the banking industry. From convenient mobile banking to personalized assistance, they're always there to help individuals and businesses manage their finances effectively.

    Chase Welcome Bonus

    5. Swagbucks + $10 Bonus

    Swagbucks is a popular online rewards program that allows users to earn points (called SB) for various online activities like taking surveys, watching videos, searching the web, shopping online, and playing games. These points can then be redeemed for gift cards or cash through PayPal. Here are some ways you can earn money with Swagbucks:

    1. Taking Surveys: Swagbucks offers various surveys on different topics. You can earn SB by completing these surveys. Make sure to fill out your profile accurately to receive surveys that match your interests.
    2. Watching Videos: You can earn SB by watching videos on Swagbucks. These videos can cover a range of topics, from entertainment to news.
    3. Searching the Web: Swagbucks has its own search engine. By using it for your regular web searches, you can earn SB randomly for your searches.
    4. Shopping Online: Swagbucks has partnerships with various online retailers. By shopping through Swagbucks' links, you can earn SB for every dollar you spend at these retailers.

    Check out our full review right here!

    SwagBucks Welcome Bonus

    6. Rakuten + $30 Bonus

    Rakuten: Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is another cashback app that rewards you for shopping online. Sign up for Rakuten and earn a $30 bonus after making your first purchase of $25 or more. With over 2,500 partner stores, Rakuten offers cash back on everything from clothing to travel – so you can earn rewards while you shop. That's right, get paid for shopping at all your favorite store. Sound too good to be true? Here’s the deal: "Stores pay us a commission for sending you their way. We share that with you as Cash Back. Everyone wins!"

    Rakuten Welcome Bonus

    But there is more, earn even more by sending your very own referral code to friends and family.

    Rakuten Referral bonus

    7. Upromise + $30 Bonus

    Upromise is a rewards program in the United States that allows members to earn cash back for college savings through everyday purchases. It was founded in 2000 by Sallie Mae, a financial services company specializing in education. Members can link their credit cards, debit cards, and shopping accounts to their Upromise account, and when they make purchases at participating retailers or restaurants, a percentage of their spending is deposited into their Upromise account. These earnings can then be transferred into a 529 college savings plan, used to pay down eligible student loans, or withdrawn as cash. Upromise aims to help families save for education expenses by leveraging their regular spending habits. Get started with a $30 bonus when you sign-up.

    Upromise Welcome Bonus

    8. OpinionInn + $10 Sign Up Bonus

    OpinionInn is an online platform that offers users the opportunity to earn money by participating in surveys and sharing their opinions on various topics. It functions as a market research company, connecting businesses and organizations with consumers who are willing to provide feedback on products, services, and other subjects. Users typically sign up for an account, complete surveys, and receive compensation in the form of cash, gift cards, or other rewards. OpinionInn aims to gather valuable insights for businesses while providing an avenue for individuals to earn extra income through their opinions. Go test it today and grab your $10 sign up bonus!

    OpinionInn Welcome bonus

    9. MobileXpression + $5 Amazon Gift Card

    MobileXpression is a market research company that operates by gathering data from users' mobile devices in exchange for rewards. Meaning you earn extra rewards every day the app is installed. Here's how it generally works:

    1. Signup and Installation: Users interested in participating typically visit the MobileXpression website and sign up for an account. After registration, they are prompted to download and install the MobileXpression app on their mobile devices. The app is usually available for both iOS and Android devices.
    2. Data Collection: Once installed, the MobileXpression app runs in the background of the user's device. It collects various types of data related to the user's mobile usage behavior. This data can include information such as app usage, web browsing activity, device performance, and location data.
    3. Rewards and Incentives: In exchange for allowing MobileXpression to collect data from their devices, users are typically rewarded with various incentives. These rewards can include gift cards, merchandise, sweepstakes entries, or other forms of compensation.
    MobileXpression Welcome Bonus

    And there you have it – 9 legitimate companies that will pay you to sign up. Whether you're completing surveys, watching videos, or shopping online, these apps offer easy ways to boost your income with minimal effort. So why wait? Sign up for one (or all!) of these apps today and start earning extra cash in your spare time. Happy earning!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

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    Ensuring Security: Are These Money-Making Apps Safe to Use?

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    International Access: Are These Apps Available Worldwide or Regionally Restricted?

    Uncover the global reach of money-making apps and ascertain their accessibility in different regions. Determine whether your location aligns with the app's service areas, and if any regional restrictions apply. Check the official website or contact support for accurate information.

    Zero Upfront Costs: Understanding Fees and Commitments on Earning Apps

    Get peace of mind regarding financial commitments on money-making apps. Explore the terms and conditions to ensure transparency on any potential fees or commitments. Learn how to distinguish trustworthy apps from potential scams and embark on your earnings journey without upfront costs.

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