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Freelancers: 7 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Filing 2019 Self-Employment Tax

If you are a freelancer, your tax situation changes. Prepare for filing your taxes and learn what mistakes to avoid.
Mar 24·11 min read
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Increasing Income: Should You Side Hustle or Focus on Your Career?

You can increase your income with a side hustle, but you can also increase your income by focusing on your current career.
Mar 23·9 min read
side hustle

Don’t write these off: 6 myths and misconceptions about side hustle taxes

When you have a side hustle, you may be getting some crummy advice from friends about how to file your taxes. Watch out for these common myths and misconceptions about side hustle taxes.
Mar 19·7 min read
side hustle

Have a Side Hustle? Here’s How NOT to File Your Taxes

When you have a side hustle, it's important to set aside money for taxes. Don't make these mistakes!
Mar 13·9 min read
side hustle

How to Use a Side Hustle to Advance Your Career

Have you ever considered the idea that your side hustle could help your career move forward? Here's how.
Mar 9·8 min read

Tax Filing Cheat Sheet: 18 Side Hustle Business Expenses You Can Deduct

Having your own business is awesome, but if you aren't paying attention, your side hustle could end up costing you. With these tips, you can minimize your financial burdens during tax season.
Mar 6·8 min read
side hustle

My real-life real estate investment story

Patience, sweat-equity, and a little imagination can take you a long way in the world of real estate investing.
Jan 29·6 min read
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How I am side hustling my way to financial independence

I'm side hustling my way to financial independence by selling these temporary tattoos for bachelorette parties on the internet.
Jun 30, 2019·7 min read
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How these traveling house sitters saved over $50,000

Hey ya'all! I've always had an interest in house sitting. It seems so interesting to travel the world and live rent-free in some amazing homesteads. Some out there make a career out of it. Today, I have Brittnay who, along with her husband Jayden, house sit in some spectacular places in Europe. And, they save money while doing it. We are Brittnay and Jayden, The Travelling House Sitters . Brittnay and JaydenMeeting in the
Jan 3, 2018·10 min read
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My side hustle idea; whatcha think?

Raise your hand if you're sitting in a half-full office today? The week of Thanksgiving, every office I've ever worked in was at least half empty. It was one of my favorite times to be at the office, actually. It was slow. And, I didn't have to take PTO! And, you're probably making the rounds throughout the blogosphere with those folks who've actually posted something today - like this article, which is quickly turning into something relatively meaningless... I've published this post to say som
Nov 21, 2017·3 min read

Using Etsy to generate passive income

A couple weeks ago, I opened up a store on Etsy - one of the Internet's most-visited creative selling services - to start getting my hands wet selling some of my favorite photographs online - before retirement.
Jan 29, 2015·4 min read