Simplification. What’s Important? : “Everything That Remains” by the Minimalists

5 thoughts on “Simplification. What’s Important? : “Everything That Remains” by the Minimalists”

  1. I have been following the Minimalists blog site for years. I really love their writing styles and wished I could have seen them on their first book tour. If you did not watch their Ted talk, I highly recommend it.

    We live a simple lifestyle when we reflect on the amount of possessions we have accumulated. When we moved 4 years ago to Sedona, we packed all our possessions into an 18-foot U-Haul and towed our one car. (not bad for decades of accumulation) We have added a couple pieces of furniture since then, however have eliminated additional stuff we were not using.

    We see this as important to make the next transition to traveling and life experiences, moving away from owning stuff.

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