What to do if someone steals your blog posts?

28 thoughts on “What to do if someone steals your blog posts?”

  1. Who the hell copies blog posts? Plagiarism is a serious jerk move! ‘Our Next Life’ is an outstanding blog that doesn’t deserve this crap.

    Thanks for writing this Steve! Your a force for good! (Like Batman)

  2. Great post, Steve! I haven’t had this happen to me yet (that I know of), but I’m bookmarking this post for the inevitable!

    Thanks for sharing! And Mr. Tako is right – plagiarism really is a jerk move (though I might use a different word!).

    — Jim

    1. Thanks Jim – jerk move indeed. I’m just surprised that so many people aren’t aware that copying other people’s work in their entirety is actually…wrong. Parenting, anyone?

  3. Ohhh lawd. This stuff is so stressful. Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with this (or I just haven’t caught thieves yet…). I’ve seen people steal each other’s LinkedIn posts and posts to Facebook groups. I’ve always found this bizarre. Like, people are GOING TO FIGURE IT OUT. I… what? Just write it yourself and don’t be an asshole.

  4. Good information, Steve. I can say, as a lawyer, that, in most cases, people inappropriately copy/post out of ignorance. Usually the friendly letter approach will work (and let folks know that the world is watching). That having been said, when it doesn’t work, there are things that can be done, including shutting down an offending site. It’s a pain to do, but can be a satisfying, if not expensive, action to take.

    1. Thanks Oldster. I guess I do understand confusion over some of the nuances of plagiarism. I’m just surprised that so many people lift entire posts from other blogs. I don’t think that’s EVER been okay. 🙂

  5. Great guide, and thanks for putting all the advice in one easy-to-find-when-you-need-it blog post. Sucks what happened to Mrs. ONL, Fritz and others, and hopefully this’ll deter others from taking that step as well!

  6. This looks just like a post I recently published…hmm…just kidding.

    Isn’t imitation the best sort of flattery? I guess not when there is money involved. I could see robots copying word for word but it is surprising when other humans do it. Quite last indeed and def a jerk move.

  7. Super helpful guide! As an attorney I know that hiring a lawyer should be a method of last resort. Like you pointed out, usually a friendly message will get the job done. If it doesn’t then move on to soke if he other options you listed. If those don’t work either you’ll have to ultimately decide if the time and potential expense is worth it. It’s definitely a pain in the neck to have to deal with duplicate content! Hope nobody here has to deal with it in the future!

    1. Thanks Cato. It’s nice to know that friendly messages do tend to work for most people. Keep it friendly at first, then move to other more legal methods if that doesn’t work.

  8. Hey Steve!

    Want to start a service and do this for me and others? I gave up years ago b/c the scrapers seemed endless. I figured, if they are republishing everything, not ranking in Google, and have my links so that anybody who stumbles upon my post on their site eventually goes to my site, then it might be a positive.

    I’ve yet to see a scraper site outrank my original post. Perhaps Google is getting much smarter about it?

    One simple tip is to just add “Copyright by XYZ your blog” and put in the Reader option in WP “snippet” which i don’t do for some reason. That way, they can’t scrape the entire article.


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