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Is this blog dead? No, but…

Published March 20, 2017   Posted in Having some fun is a blog I started to chronicle our path towards early retirement. Now that I’ve reached that goal, I am confronted with a question that I had never anticipated answering: Where do I take the blog? Is it dead? Maybe just…hibernating? I’m going to unload a little more honesty for you good people. I’m sure […]
Today is a very special day in the life of Mr. Blog, aka: – he turns one!  A year ago today I published my first post about Starbucks and the retirement-killing habit that the place has quite literally turned into for a lot of people. I got exactly zero comments on that particular article. […]

Would you like some sound with that text?

Published February 9, 2015   Posted in Having some fun

Most of you will notice a new feature that has been added to my newer blog posts, and even some that have already been published – and that’s an audio introduction.  I have decided to add in an audio tidbit…well, just because.  Maybe if you’re just tired of reading text, play the audio intro and […]