How my budget failed me big time

I remember when I was a kid, maybe 15 or 16 years old, I wanted a small telescope to play with because I had an interest in astrophotography.  This telescope was relatively modest, and I spent several weeks saving up my money to buy it.  After all, my parents forced me to have a budget, so I knew exactly how much money I could spend.

Month after month, I continually added money into my budget until, finally, I was in the home stretch.  I was $20 or $30 short, and I happened to mention to my dad my plans for my purchase.

In my head, things were going along as planned.  I wanted to buy something, so I saved until I had the money to buy it.  I worked within the confines of my budget and followed all the rules of proper money management.  At 15, I felt proud of myself for doing so.

I was shocked when I heard my dad’s response. Continue reading “How my budget failed me big time”

Planning our retirement by the numbers

If you have been a reader of Think Save Retire for any amount of time, you probably have a general idea of our plans for the future. Save, buy townhome in Sedona, pay off townhome in Sedona, move to Sedona, eventually buy our home in Sedona and rent out townhome to cover home costs. Live happily ever after.

Throw in figuring out side income streams, traveling across the US in an RV and other assorted randomness and you’ve just about got it. However, through all this online talk, there is something that has been missing – the numbers!

Okay, this might get a little messy.  But you’ll love it, I promise! Continue reading “Planning our retirement by the numbers”