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Is it unfair to have way more money than your neighbor?

I am a capitalist. I believe in a system where people are rewarded for their hard work proportionately to those who work less hard. As a result, I generally respect wealth - honest wealth. I assume that wealth has been earned rather than given until proven otherwise. Innocent until proven guilty. I believe a society NEEDS to function with both CEOs [
Oct 29, 2018·5 min read

The Next Millionaire Next Door: It's a data-science powerhouse and hugely insightful

It's no secret that my favorite book about financial independence and building serious wealth is The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko. Through years of research, the book proves that wealthy people aren't necessarily driving around in expensive cars, living in huge homes and shopping for $1,000 purses and wallets. It teaches us not to be deceived by apparent wealth. Now, what if I told you that Thomas Stanley's da
Oct 23, 2018·15 min read
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He nearly drove through a funnel cloud, then ended his career

The other day, I got a remarkable email from one of my readers. He told me a story of when he nearly drove right into a funnel cloud in the wee hours of the morning in his semi truck, nearly ending his life. Luckily, he managed to only end his career, not his life. Online, he goes by the pseudonym "wolverine307" - or, Wolverine for the rest of this post. In the late 90s and early 2000s, he was an off and on OTR (Over The Road) truck driver. He drove thousands of miles transporting stuff from h
Oct 2, 2018·4 min read
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Are you using your new found wealth to watch a ridiculous amount of TV every day?

If you were working 38 years ago and earning the median income, then the amount of money brought in each paycheck would be half of what the median is today (compared to numbers in 2016 USD according to US Census Data). Wealth in this country continues to grow, and although the wealth gap has increased, the nation as a whole is like Dora from Finding Nemo, but the Duke of Dollars version...just keeps growing, just keeps growing, just keeps growing! Median Per Capita Income Doubles in 36 Years I
Sep 27, 2018·9 min read
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Is that Starbucks worth another decade of working?

Combine the value of cable and your morning cup-of-Joe and you’re treading in the neighborhood of $1 million in lost wealth over 40 years because of these temporary pleasures. $1 million!
Sep 24, 2018·4 min read
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The three things every school must teach our kids

I am not a big fan of how most schools are run. Our one-size-fits-all approach to educating our nation's younger population does our entire society a disservice, and we are saddling some truly amazing teachers with the burdens of a broken and incomplete system. And it all starts at the lowest levels of education. Think grade school. It's education for the masses. We teach in very standardized ways even if those ways aren't all that effective in disseminating information. Our kids are fed bucke
Sep 21, 2018·7 min read
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5 fascinating and affordable ways to go to college online

Lifelong learning is perhaps one of our noblest pursuits, no matter the current chapter in our lives. It not only makes us more capable persons but also helps us be better to those around us. And we can learn in many ways, from practical experience to the traditional classroom lessons that can be the foundation for a new craft or skill. But traditional learning can be expensive , putting us in the difficult position of trying to figure out if pur
Sep 11, 2018·11 min read
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10 most bad ass financial quotes ever - or are they?

I'm going to burn a post by giving you 10 financial quotes for consideration.  Some of these quotes I've taken personal satisfaction from.  Others, personal insult.
Sep 10, 2018·3 min read
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Why free bachelors degrees are dangerous for our future

It sounds great in theory - a free bachelor's degree for anyone who wants one! No cost education. Who wouldn't want a free bachelors degree? That's a big part of the problem. In theory, making education free and available in the United States to everyone has tremendous benefits to society. Student loans - the second largest type of debt that plagues the country, become a thing of the past. M
Aug 29, 2018·6 min read
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Living the dream after turning $2.26 into a million

The fluorescent light smothers me. My breaths are shallow and tense. The air is stale because my office manager doesn't replace the air filters. The windows don't open. It's so bright I can't see. I'm in an office building, in an office park, in a suburb, at a job that takes me almost two hours to get to each day. It's like this every day. The dull pull of a routine that over the years, slowly, but unknowingly, settles us into sameness. Somedays I can't even remember what day it is. I wake up,
Jul 25, 2018·6 min read